11 Different Ways to Style out Grillz

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Grillz comes in a wide range of styles, from classics to the latest trends.

Now that grillz are the hottest trend in the world, you need to checkout most common styles and what suits you.

Today, let’s have a look at the 11 different types of grill styles that you should be aware of when looking to invest in some.

11 Different Grillz Style

Solid Grillz

In addition to their extraordinary look, solids’ appeal lies in the fact that they are the most popular style of grillz.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, beauty is in your tooth. Combining aesthetic appeal with a good fit for your teeth solid grillz are one of the best to get that icy look.


Gold grills are usually available in permanent or deep cut styles (which makes each tooth more prominent), which looks very natural. Solid grillz can be decorated with diamonds, gemstones, or other stones, or left as-is.

Open Face

The white center of each tooth is exposed when an open-face grillz is used. Due to the thin gold border around each tooth, this style has a very minimalistic feel. Many people prefer solid gold over the open face when designing custom jewelry, but many people opt to mix the two. A diamond or permanent cut can also be applied to open faces, which can create an intricate appearance.


With honeycomb, you get a completely iced-out look. Gold teeth are embedded with tiny diamonds instead of diamonds atop. The result is a completely flush diamond setting across each tooth that does not feel bulky. Diamonds with VVS or CZ qualities are usually the most sought-after to get the honeycomb setting, making for an elegant and dramatic result.

Trillion Cut

You must see for yourself how insane they look in the sun if you have a trillion cut grillz. The look is created by sketching small cutouts in solid gold grills. A trillion cut can be further enhanced by adding diamond dust. Diamond cuts are a classic choice for someone looking for something less intense.


The drip or teardrop style is a top statement piece. It is quite common for people to have drip style on their bottom grillz, making it appear as if the gold is dripping down their teeth. The drip-style is quite versatile. People can use this style for several different reasons.


There are two common types of drips: one where the gold drips are sitting directly on the teeth, and the other where the gold drips are sitting on some solids for some two tone action.

I really like the drip style grillz, they make for a really unique custom design. If you want some diamonds or rubies, or other stones to really customize it and style it to the max potential.

Gap Filler

Gap fillers are a popular way for individuals with gaps between their teeth to style that space. As a filler, gold bars are usually used, but diamond settings are very popular as well. Because gap fillers are small, it is not uncommon for people to request colored diamonds or different types of stones to be used. Gap fillers can also be incorporated into a solid or open grill adjacent to the gap, giving your smile a truly unique look.


The use of opals in custom grillz has grown in popularity. Tyler the Creator’s grillz, for instance, feature opals. A gold setting surrounded by the pearly, blue, and purple tones of opal creates an eye-catching look.


There are many options for customizing your bar grillz. You can place a horizontal gold bar across any number of teeth, and you can set it with diamonds, gems, enamel, or even a letter.


The six-piece is the most common, with a bar that extends across the front four teeth, followed by solid or open-face grills on your canines, or fangs. Your teeth will have bars along the top and bottom edges.

If you would like some bottom grillz, your bar would sit along the top edge of your teeth. Try getting a bar across one or two teeth if you’re looking for something more minimalistic.

Sun Cut

An individual tooth is cut into a sun-like shape by cutting into solid grillz in a particular way. It is extremely difficult to describe how intense the light is that strikes the sun-cut grill. The sun cut is different from other grillz, so if you want something more fluid and unique, then this is the right choice for your style.

Floating Letters

You can create your own grillz from names, sayings, marketing slogans, etc. The back of the teeth is made of gold molded into letters. In addition to diamonds, gemstones, enamel, or any other embellishment that one might like, letters can also be embellished with diamonds. Many people choose floating letters for their grillz because they’re all about style and personalization.


Different variations of grillz have steadily grown in popularity as grillz become more popular. In addition to using new materials for grillz, jewelers can experiment with enamel to create more creative designs.


Each tooth is bordered by gold and covered by enamel. Enamel is used to create vibrant colors and intricate designs in custom grillz, showing off your individual personality.

Wrap Up

While there are a lot of different ways to style out grillz, the most important thing is to know how to do it properly. Our blog post has outlined the first step by making you aware of the different styles. Now you need to take the right decision by styling your grillz to the style you like the most.