3 Simple Yet Lovely Ways to Arrange Floral Bouquets

2 mins read

Flower bouquets can brighten up any space and add a touch of elegance to any occasion. When given as a gift, they also go a long way in brightening the recipient’s day. However, how the floral arrangement is done can make a huge difference, which is why many people consider getting pre-made bouquets from expert florists. 

Still, there are various ways to easily make floral arrangements without much strain. In this piece, we shall cover a few simple yet lovely ways to arrange floral bouquets that anyone can master.

Ordering Flowers Online 

There are several reasons why many people consider ordering flowers online or buying them at the nearest floral shop. Perhaps the biggest reason is that floral arrangement is an art, one which takes time and practice to master.

An experienced floral designer knows just how to strike a balance between shape, size, form, and texture when arranging a floral bouquet. If you look at the Bouqs’ flower subscription service page, you will also realize that ordering blooms online comes with various perks. 

Some of these include.


  • You get a wide range of arrangements to pick from
  • You can get a consistent supply of blooms through a subscription
  • Ordering online is often cheaper and less involving

Easy Ways to Arrange Lovely Floral Bouquets 

If you’d rather make your floral arrangements DIY to save money or you just want to experiment with your creative side, below are some easy ways you can try.

1. A Single Bloom in a Vase 

This is inarguably one of the simplest ways to arrange a bouquet. Pick your favorite flower and fill a vase of water with it. If you want a little more interest, you can also get a couple different bloom colors of the same type of flower. 

For example, you could fill a vase with all-white roses or all pink roses or even both, and add water.

2. Different Blooms in a Vase 

Another easy way to arrange a bouquet is to choose a few different types of flowers and arrange them in a single layer. This is a great option if you want a little bit of everything without the bouquet being too overwhelming. Simply choose a few different flowers that you love and arrange them in a single layer in a vase, adding water thereafter.

3. Introducing Some Greenery 

Another simple way to create a lovely floral bouquet arrangement is to start with a base of greenery. You then add in your favorite flowers, filling in any gaps with more greenery. You can also start by creating a base of your favorite blooms, adding greenery to fill in the gaps.


While at it, you will want the flower cuttings to be of the appropriate size, and well-trimmed so the final arrangement looks balanced. Again, you can use a single type of flower in two or three colors. 

And when it comes to using greenery as filler for your arrangements, some options to consider include:

  • Leather ferns
  • Lemon leaf
  • Myrtle
  • Eucalyptus
  • Magnolia

There are many types of flower bouquet arrangements, some of which are unique works of art by specific floral designers. 

While these are often gorgeous and incredibly appealing, an arrangement created DIY from scratch can be lovelier and even more adorable to you or your intended recipient if it’s a gift. The above are a few ways you can make a lovely floral bouquet without much strain.