4 Fabulous Ideas to Spice Up Your Family Party

2 mins read

Family parties and celebrations will always be a lively and entertaining affair, but (especially if your family includes one or more young child) they can often be too focused on just sitting around and having the same old conversations which usually center on things that you have heard before.

If you have a family party or gathering arranged in the next few weeks or months, then you have definitely come to the right place. Continue reading to discover four fabulous ideas to spice up your family party.

1. Plan a Surprise Gift Upon Arrival

One of the best times to set the tone and atmospheric vibes of your next family party is as soon as the guests arrive and instead of people naturally migrating to the sofa, you need to make it known that this is a family party with a difference.

By far the most impressive idea is to plan a surprise gift to hand to each of your guests when they arrive (be that in a restaurant or club setting or else in your own home), such as a beautiful yet affordable personalized engraved bottle from reputable and established companies such as sipsay.com.

2. Individual Planned Performances

Another fabulous idea to spice up your next family gathering is to notify each of your family members and associated loved ones, ahead of time, to prepare a short performance to present to the rest of the family.


Even if certain people are not what you would describe to be natural performers, there are still a wide selection of ideas they could look to prepare something, however informal or small, to present to their loved ones.

3. Hire a Hypnotist

You may well already be familiar with the concept of hypnotism, are someone who is fully on-board with the practice, and may have even been hypnotized yourself in the past.

Now, it is certainly true to say that hiring a hypnotist for your next family party is not for everyone and may well be entirely unsuitable for the group dynamic, but if you do think the vast majority of your loved ones will appreciate it, a hypnotist will make for an entertaining and memorable evening.

For the older members of your family, or indeed those who lack confidence standing up and speaking in a room full of people, you could ask them to tell the rest of the group an entertaining and nostalgic family story form the past.

4. Make Dinner a Team Event!

Finally, no family party would ever be complete without thinking carefully about the type of food to organize for the evening meal or family lunch.


By far the best direction to go when planning the food is to elect to prepare a buffet, full of different types of food, ideally both hot and cold, so that you can absolutely guarantee that there is something for everyone.

Furthermore, you could ask each household to bring along a homemade dish for the buffet, which will provide a talking point when it comes to dinnertime.