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5 Fashion Hacks for Comfort, Safety and Style

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If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with fashion and style and have done so for many years, it can sometimes be tempting to wear the same item again and again, especially when you spent a substantial amount of money on a particular piece of clothing or accessory. Or maybe you would like to try out new looks but never seem to find the time or the courage to do so.

Furthermore, situations change as one gets older, and if you are someone who finds it slightly more difficult to walk upstairs, bend down and pick up your belongings or have pain anywhere in your body that requires you to be more comfortable in your clothes, then you have come to the right place.

Continue reading to learn of five brilliant fashion hacks for comfort, safety and style.

1. Natural Materials Are King

If you are someone who has either been diagnosed with a skin condition, are currently waiting for an appointment with your dermatologist, or else you simply regularly suffer with itchy and uncomfortable skin on any part of your body, then one often overlooked cause could be the materials you are wearing.

Often, people assume that the fabric conditioner and powder you wash your clothes with is the main factor in an allergy or rash, but in actual fact it is far more likely to be the type of material your pants, shirts and even underwear are made from.


2. Midi-Length Skirts Work Best

One fashion trend that has been around for the last few years and shows no sign of fading for this spring and summer is that of a midi-length skirt and wonderfully, such a length is by far the best style of skirt for people of all ages and heights; and definitely the best for people who struggle to walk and often trip and fall.

It isn’t just floor-length maxi skirts that can be a hazard when it comes to clothing and accessories; if you use a wheelchair, for example, it is advisable to avoid shirt dresses and regular shirts too, as the tightness of the material across the shoulders can lead to restricted movement. Instead, cotton fabrics are much more sensible, especially on the upper part of the body.

3. Choose Pants With an Elasticated Waistband

Out of all the more modern designs and fastenings of pants and trousers on the market, elasticated waistbands have long since been thought of (especially amongst younger people) as an old-fashioned piece of clothing.

However, due in no small part to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, for the past couple of years fashion trends have taken a conscious move towards less structured and looser clothing and as a result, pants, skirts and shorts with an elasticated waistband have now become not just acceptable, but decidedly on trend.

4. Invest in a Good Quality Pair of Slippers

There is no more better feeling than returning home after a busy day than changing into some trusty slacks and a pair of soft and comfortable slippers.


What is more, if you are currently living with one or more issues with your mobility and accessibility, then you will be pleased to learn that reputable and renowned expert suppliers in comfortable yet stylish clothing, shoes and the best orthopedic slippers have a huge range of affordable options.

5. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

Obviously, it is not always feasible to set aside time every single night to carefully plan out a functional, practical yet fashion-forward and stylish outfit; but when it comes to a special occasion, this is definitely the best way to ensure you love what you are wearing and you are comfortable.

Nobody wants to spend an entire evening in pain due to ill-fitting shoes or a too-tight, restrictive waistband, so not only should you start to plan and hang your outfit the night before, but you should also try everything on together in a full-length mirror before you make your final decision.