5 Romantic Holiday Ornament Ideas

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Are you the sentimental and romantic or giddy type when you know Christmas is near that you can’t decide what theme you want to use around the home?

Thinking about your significant other should not only be during anniversaries and date nights. It’s also a perfect way to decorate your home with a romantic feel.

Keep your home a place where the love is by infusing your Christmas decorating themes with exciting romantic holiday ideas. You can find unique décor pieces from any Christmas store in Brisbane that you will surely love!

Romantic Christmas Decors for Every Couple

1. Decorate Your Home With Dusty Rose

Christmas isn’t only for kids; it is also for those young at heart, no matter the age. As a time to celebrate the yuletide, celebrate it with a romantic touch with your better half. 

To create a more lovely feel, you can consider nudes and soft pastels like dusty rose to create a balance between sweetness and elegance. You can incorporate it in the ornaments you choose, with matte and shimmery finishes to create dimension.


It’s also an excellent idea to put these decors in a gilded bowl as you put them in the middle of a linen runner surrounded by greenery. Meanwhile, you can mix your dusty rose decors with white bows for the mantel to create an elegant look.

2. Keep a Clutter-free Environment

Decorating your space in time for the holiday season doesn’t mean that you need to fill every corner of your home with Christmas ornaments. Remember that holiday decors can be minimal too and still look exquisitely beautiful.

Consider choosing a garland decorated with a few holiday ornaments while surrounding it with white candlesticks. If you want something more toned down, you can also consider decorating your fireplace with neutral burlap with pinecones to add a touch of warmth.

Also, you can dress your Christmas tree with monochromatic ornaments to make it more cohesive but keep it minimal. You can even get small evergreens and either plant them in terracotta pots or put them outside your home to reduce the clutter from your indoor space.

3. Get Inspired by Nature

The serenity of outdoors is an inspiration to decorate your homes and resemble the solace that winter forest brings. Choosing Christmas decors with earthy tones and rustic elements can give your space a more natural but festive air just in time for the holiday season.


You can also add fresh cedar, tree bark or mistletoe branches to make the tree lovely. Not only will it add a touch of the holiday season to your home, but it will also make your space smell the freshness of dawn with the sweet scent.

Using natural materials in your space is an excellent way to spruce it up when decorating for the festive and romantic season. Unlike using flashy baubles, nothing beats organic materials when creating a unique natural character in your home.

4. Create a Welcoming Entryway

Experts would agree that the best holiday decorating plan that anyone can do is to design their entryway with festive colors. But you can choose decors that embody your relationship as a couple but still stick with the holiday theme.

And if you have dreamt of spending your Christmas like it’s your wedding, try adorning your door with white berry wreaths, reminiscing about that lovely day. Be surprised with the purity of white and its related shades like soft grey or light blue.

Once you or your guests step in your door, they will be welcomed with blue berry garland lined along the stair railings and a standing tall white Norwegian Pine Snow Tree.


5. Use Light and Reflection

Proper lighting is one of the elements that can make any space feel more holiday ready and romantic at the same time. By using it to your advantage, you can make your room more inviting and with an air of love and romance at the same time.

You can use flickering candlelight or a few dim lights to create a warm and cozy environment. You can even add a few crystal cups and brass flatware to complete the entire look.

Meanwhile, if you want to be extra careful, you can always use rechargeable LED candlelight for your décor. They are safe, but they also give out the same feelings as real candlelight. You can even mix it with a few different fibres to create a miniature forest on your island.

The Bottom Line

Creating a romantic feel during the holiday season is possible if you know how to do it right. Aside from making your decorations, shopping online is also a practical choice when choosing Christmas ornaments.

You don’t have to follow the traditional reds and greens. You can choose pieces that you feel will reflect your relationship as a couple. It can be personal, such as using your old photos as decorations to your Christmas tree or even little trinkets or décor pieces from your travels.


In addition to choosing which ones are popular, timeless pieces around the house seem more adaptive. So, take the time to select which items you think have answered your romantic Christmas objective. 

Remember that Christmas is all about making memories with your loved ones. So, feel free to think of other décor ideas to adorn your space every Christmas!