5 Tips to encourage healthy living in your teen

2 mins read

Raising children into healthy and happy adults is the number one challenge for all parents. This can be particularly difficult when children reach their teen years. This is because puberty and the pressures of school and impending adult expectations can cause mood swings and a reluctance to listen to their parents. If you are eager to help your teen stay fit and healthy, here are five tips that will make it easier for you.

1. Provide Healthy Meal Options

Encouraging children of any age to eat healthily can be a struggle, especially if they are picky eaters. The simplest way to make sure that your teen doesn’t fill their diet with sugar and other unhealthy food is to limit their access to these products. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks in the house and only indulge in takeaways or fast food as an occasional treat. If your teen has a job and their own income, urge them to save their money for what they truly want to buy rather than wasting it on unhealthy food and drink. Try cooking with them to make the experience fun and engaging with a focus on nutrition and creativity.

2. Facilitate Physical Activity

When teens feel as if they are part of a group or a team, they can enjoy physical fitness much more than they might otherwise. This is why giving them a choice of various types of sports can help them both physically and socially. You can make this easier for them by offering to take them to their team practice or share the costs.

3. Go For Cycling Trips

If your teen is not always willing to communicate with you, going for cycling trips with them can be a great way to spend time with them without having to talk to each other. You can share the sights and experiences while getting fit. You could also simply encourage them to enjoy cycling as a form of freedom and independence as an individual. Many teens have their own bikes and your child’s friends most likely have bikes too. Take a look at Steed Bikes and find out which would be best for your teen. Cycling is a great way for them to get around on their own but also promotes good fitness and stamina.

4. Remember Good Mental Health

As already mentioned, growing into a teen can be a tough transition for any child. Healthy living also encompasses good mental wellbeing, so keep an open line of communication with your teen so that they feel able to share their worries and struggles with you. This will teach them that repressing their emotions rarely leads to positive outcomes and that being honest about their feelings is healthiest.


5. Set a Good Example

It is much easier for your teen to defy your health encouragement when you yourself do not adhere to this lifestyle. Set a good example by eating well and exercising regularly, not only for your own health but to show your children how it is done and what the benefits can be.