6 Simple Hacks Everyone With a Flat Irons Must Know

4 mins read

Do you also have a pretty restricted storage space and budget? Then, you have cause to rejoice because all you need today is a single trusty tool for hair styling – the handy flat iron or hair straightener.

In case you thought that the flat iron is only capable of hair-straightening, the truth is that some of its uses can even extend beyond hair styling. Various beauty bloggers and vloggers have come up with easy hacks to maximize the potential of a modest flat iron.

This article will discuss tried-and-true hacks that anyone with a flat iron can try to save time, money, and precious effort!

But First, a Few Safety and Maintenance Tips 

You must be aware that your trusty hair straightener can fry your strands and cause hair-thinning if used too frequently. Did you also know that recent cases of flat iron-related cancer are surfacing? 

Yes, many women, particularly from the Black community, have filed a hair straightener cancer lawsuit against companies like L’Oreal USA. Is there a clear link to validate such cases? The National Institutes of Health confirms that chemicals in flat irons might cause uterine cancer in women. 


According to TorHoerman Law, nearly 60 cases have come up that involve injuries from hair relaxers and permanent hair dyes. Besides uterine cancer, these products can also cause vitiligo, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and chronic hormonal imbalance, among others. 

The best way to minimize these risks is to follow some safety and maintenance tips:

  • Always clean your flat iron thoroughly after each straightening session with a damp cloth. 
  • Limit usage frequency to at most three times per week. If your hair is too fine, do not use the straightener more than once per week. 
  • Never leave the straightener unattended. Immediately turn it off after use. 
  • Do not use the flat iron near basins, bathtubs, or containers with water in them. 
  • Store the straightener in a cool and dry place. 

With that out of the way, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your hair straightener:

1. Give Your Hair Much-Needed Volume

One common problem women face with a flat iron, in general, is that the perfectly straight strands easily fall flat. This can take away much volume from the hair.

The good news is that this need not be the case. The trick is simple – start by applying heat to your hair roots. Then lift the strands, but all the while, keep them away from your head till they cool off. You can use a comb simultaneously for this process.


2. Create Luscious Curls or Beachy Waves

Does this sound a little counterintuitive? Wait till you discover the potential of your hair straightener! To create beautiful curls, you need to flip your hair over the straightener first. Then, run it along the length of your tresses, twirl it, and hold the hair in place.

Repeat for all strands in separate sections. As for beach waves, you need to move from your hair roots to the ends, making an ‘S’ shape. Again, work this technique using small sections of hair. Before long, all you’ll have to pack for a vacation will be a flat iron, and you’re good to go!

3. Get Rid of Any Cowlicks

A lot of us can relate to the frustrating struggle of having certain sections of hair growing at an angle different from the rest – cowlicks. You can get rid of this nuisance using a flat iron.

First, prep your hair with a heat-protectant spray. Then, using a rolling brush and blow-dryer, blow-dry sections at the angle you prefer. Once done, run the comb to remove any knots and use the flat iron on your crown. With the rolling brush holding the hair in place, gently run the iron along the length of the strands.

The moment you reach the ends, immediately roll it back using the thermal roller brush. Keep it there till your hair cools off. 


4. Try the Hair-Crimping Trick

Loving the crimped hair look? It’s possible to achieve it with a hair straightener. Start by properly brushing your hair. Then, apply a good heat-protectant spray.

Divide your hair into sections and create tight braids on each section. If you want the result to be voluminous, create compact braids. The next step is to coat each braid with hair spray. Now, take the flat iron and run it along the length of each braid, starting from the root to the ends.

Allow your hair to cool, and open up the braids for that crimped look! 

5. Streamline Your Makeup Pouch

Isn’t it always best to have all your favorite makeup products in a single place? All of that is now possible with a flat iron! First, place wax paper over your hair straightener tool. Then, add the compact.

Let it all heat for a minute or two before you take out all the makeup items. Once you place it on a magnetic palette, you will have all your beloved makeup products in a single place! 


6. Flat-Iron Clothes in a Rush

Perhaps you’re in a crunch for time, or you’re on vacation where a standard steam iron is unavailable. You can remove the kinks of traveling easily using a hair straightener.

The first step is to ensure the straightening tool is free from hair products, dirt, and of course, hair! You can use a damp cloth to clean the tool and allow it to dry before ironing clothes. Then, place the fabric between the two plates and run it along its length (as you would for your hair).

Keep the heat setting low for flimsy fabrics and high for thicker materials.

Summing Up 

The hair straightener is a useful modern tool for taming hard-to-manage hair. And through this article, you also know how versatile a product it is.

The only thing to keep in mind is to use the straightener wisely. Do not overdo it! Deep conditioning of hair once a week will do more wonders than your average hair straightener.


In case you experience skin irritation, apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly onto the scalp. Finally, use heat-based hair serums to straighten your hair from time to time. This way, you can easily limit the use of flat iron.