7 Creative Ways to use Instagram Reels for Your Small Business

4 mins read

Many small businesses struggle to find creative ways to promote themselves through social media and marketing. Instagram is a popular platform, with millions of active users every day. The problem with using this platform for small business promotion is that each post has the same potential reach as an individual user’s activity. You have to be prolific in your posting and find unique angles to maintain attention from followers.

Instagram reels are an excellent way to utilize video and still images to promote your brand or anything related to your commercial purposes while also giving followers a glimpse into what it is like behind the scenes at your company.

When you finish reading this article, we will give you seven ways that Instagram reels can improve your small business presence and promote your service or product. 

  1. Reels Can Be Used To Highlight A Specific Event

Events are one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. When you actively promote an event, you instantly gain the favor of potential customers near or far from your business. The best way to promote an event is through Instagram reels highlighting the event and its location. A distinctive type of Instagram Reels templates and designs can help you create a fixed outline for particular events and catch their attention. 

The key to this promotion is consistency – when you consistently show a specific audience that you have events in your area, they will become accustomed to attending them frequently. They will look forward to the next one. It is the best way to earn long-term loyal customers.


  1. Reels Can Be Used To Boost Visibility

Another way to promote an event is to create a reel that showcases your area and promotes the event in a very straightforward fashion. You can begin a 7-10 second clip that will be an eye-catcher before you continue your business. The key here is that the reels should not talk about the location but mention the event and include images of you attending it. To conclude, it’s important to note that this clip should have short text.

  1. Reels Can Be Generated From Unique Visual Contents

Visual content is images and videos showing your product or service and what they do. It can be done via a visit to your business and recording the entire experience or uploading images showcasing your products or services.

It would help if you created a reel from several different angles and types of videos, then played them back to back in a single video. It will make it seem like the video is never-ending and catch potential customers’ attention. The key here is to be creative with the images or videos, as this will make it more memorable than simply showcasing different angles of your storefront or product. Many types of Instagram Reels Maker and customizable tools can make your life easier as it suggests many templates and reel ideas according to your needs. 

Also, if your business is a creative entity, behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to show potential clients what goes on behind closed doors, so they envision themselves being a part of your company. You could use this opportunity to showcase all of your creative talents or just one that speaks explicitly to potential clients!

  1. Brand Awareness

If your business specializes in a specific market or industry, you can use video reels to promote your brand and what you stand for. You could have a video about what makes your business special, your mission statement, the values important to you, and the culture it creates. These videos must be short so people wanting more info can visit your website or reach out to you directly!


On the flip side, if your brand is associated with an event, it would be great to showcase how it went! You could film people sharing their experiences, which speak volumes about the event’s presence on social media.

  1. Reels Can Have A Call-To-Action

Instagram reels can be used to promote what you offer at your business. As stated earlier, this should only be done when used in combination with an event. One idea could be for you to showcase your products or services, then include call-to-action encouraging potential customers to show up at the said event.

  1. Reels Can Be Used To Show Off Products Or Services

You can also use video reels as a means of promoting your products. Some may have videos to showcase the service or quality of the product they provide. Others may have a video for each product or service so clients can see them all in one place.

If you have a product or service that isn’t tied to any specific reason for showcasing it, consider putting it in your reels and tying them in with an event or other time of the year. It will create awareness for your product and encourage potential customers to visit you.

  1. Reels Can Be Used As The Main Part Of Your Marketing Plan

It would be great to hear what your business does and how it can help you grow. If you are only using Instagram reels as a part of your marketing plan, don’t worry about them being too flashy or elaborate. Try not to focus on being unique or creative but on making the reel as informative and relevant for the audience as possible. It is a common mistake when creating Instagram reels, focusing on being original when in fact, the purpose of this post is to showcase yourself and your services/products. You can use Instagram reel maker software and tools to avoid this mistake and create unique promotional reels. 



So, there are many great ways to use Instagram Reels to promote your small business and show off your work. From sharing behind the scenes with your audience to showcasing the newest products or services in the market, there is a lot you can do with this tool. It might be beneficial to take advantage of that fact and use it for more than just social media marketing.