7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Implant Dentist

2 mins read

Choosing the implant dentist that is right for you can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, and it’s essential to make sure you get all your questions answered before making a final decision. In this blog post, you will get to know 7 things that you should consider before choosing an implant dentist Melbourne for yourself or your loved ones. 

  1. Ask the implant dentist how many dental implants he has placed in the past 6 months. Also, follow up for their regular check-up procedures. As most dentists provide a range of treatments, it is crucial that you ask about their practices for placing implants. So, they can ensure you get only high-quality therapy from them. 
  2. The best way to keep yourself safe during your treatment might be by asking about the sterilization suite at an implant clinic. It is always better when they have their room and staff member who can take care of all possible measures for infection prevention. In addition, it ensures that every patient goes home happy.  
  3. Make sure to ask your dentist if they offer a free aftercare service. It will help you know if someone is available to answer any questions you may have related to dental procedures. In addition, some clinics provide 24-hour hotline numbers, and it’s worth checking this in case something happens at night that cannot wait until morning time arrives.  
  4. Ask for testimonials from past patients who were pleased with their treatment. If the implant dentist doesn’t have any, then it might be a warning sign for you. Alternatively, even ask if there are videos or written letters available showcasing this gratitude-driven work ethic. All this will help you know about the dentist’s treatment quality and patient’s satisfaction.  
  5. Asking the dentist if he had any articles published recently is an excellent way to gauge their level of expertise and knowledge in dental practices. Some well-respected publications include Implant Dentistry Today, Probe Magazine, The British Journal of Clinical Practice, Private Dental Care, and much more.  
  6. When looking for an implant dentist, it is imperative that you ask what professional bodies they belong to. These could include The British Dental Association (BDA), The Association of Dental Implantology (ADAI) etc. Additionally, a good implant dentist should answer all your questions about the latest developments in dental care. Also, ask if they have attended any conferences or lectures on implant topics.  
  7. The implant dentist and his team are there to restore your teeth, so it’s only natural that people want more information on the procedure itself. Also, it would help if you asked questions to understand what will happen during surgery or aftercare instructions. That’s because if something goes wrong during the treatment, then you should know the reasons behind it.  


Are you thinking what it’s like to have an implant? Have no fear because an experienced implant dentist will help you get it fixed. Above mentioned are some things to ask your dentist before hiring them. Remember, a good implant specialist will be happy to answer these for free during a consultation.