8 Tips That Will Help You Master Instagram Live

3 mins read

Although there are many websites that give you free Instagram followers, with no verification offer, there are many more ways to achieve the same objective. Live is a complementary feature to Instagram Stories that offers the possibility of live broadcasting so that your followers can see your content in real-time.

This is a feature of Instagram that you must use right now. Since live videos are preferred by 82 percent of users over a social media post, using it will help you get more free Instagram followers, no verification is needed.

In this feature, when a person makes a live video, they can see the number of people who view their content in real-time, see who clicks the “like” button of the video, and the comments that the audience makes live.

At the end of each live video, the person who streamed the video can see the total number of people who watched the Live content and know more about how to become a popular content creator. 

Let’s now look at some tips for successfully joining the Instagram Live trend:


1. Be honest (and professional)

The first Instagram Live rule is that you must be as sincere and real as you can. Why do I say that? The reason people want to see you live is to see a genuine human; this is not the time to read from a video script or act like a salesperson. People need that true, genuine personal connection, even if it has to be made over their iPhone screen, especially in these times when we are socially retreating.

So, how do you present your audience with your most genuine self?

  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.
  • Permit yourself to express emotion.
  • Interact with them like you would a pleasant coworker.

2. Plan ahead of time

While it may be tempting to just go on Instagram Live and tell your audience what a fantastic company you run, this may not turn out as well as you had hoped. Even though Instagram Live clearly has a more relaxed, unplanned air, those that master it really schedule their live sessions in advance and establish clear objectives.

Your objectives for Instagram Live are no exception to the rule that knowing how to develop effective goals is vital for social media success. 

3. Maintain an ongoing series

Consistency appeals to people, particularly in uncertain times. A constant Livestream series that gets the attention of your viewers, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, will increase your chances of succeeding on Instagram Live. Try a series where you showcase your newest properties, for example, if you market real estate. Or you could possibly include a customer tale each week. Whatever your series concept, it’s probably ideal to skew it toward educational material that your audience members frequently seek out.


4. Before doing so, announce your live sessions.

Similar to other live events, Instagram Live campaigns should be promoted to your audience so that they are aware of the when, what, where, and why of your going live strategy.

Promote your live event on your other social media platforms and through emails, and then focus these promotions on the appropriate demographics.

5. Interact with your audience

Instagram Live also has the awesome advantage of allowing live comments from viewers! While this could be excellent for the audience, it might be too much for the speakers. You should try your best to stick to the path we described in Tip #2 above and remember that you are not required to respond to every remark.

6. Finish with a CTA

How exactly do you wrap up an Instagram Live? Finish the Q&A session, give your co-host a thank you, and go. No! Always conclude your Instagram Live with a CTA that relates directly to the predetermined goals you have in mind. It is essential to achieve your main aim and persuade your live attendees to do the desired action, whether it be as easy as following your account or more difficult, like filling out a form.

7. Enjoy your Instagram Live experience!

Keep in mind that Instagram Live is not a real marketing platform where you would continuously promote your company. Instagram is more of a place where people go to have fun, so make sure you’re having fun too! let your personality come through, and don’t worry about spelling something wrong or making a mistake. Instead, accept it, make fun of yourself, and continue. Your supporters will value your genuineness.


8. Remember to save and share your live video.

Save your session in the end, it is an excellent approach to keep getting better for the next live sessions. Additionally, if the session was a success, you’ll be able to re-share it on your feed or other social media platforms.

Simply click “save” in the upper corner to save your video, and it will be shared immediately on your story for 24 hours.