10 Bad Habits Before Bed That Can Affect Your Sleep Quality

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bad habits before bed

When it’s night time to go to bed, go to sleep. Don’t do other activities that can disrupt sleep and make it difficult to sleep. In fact, many people do a lot of things before going to bed. Obviously sleep time will be affected because of the activities that must be done. If it’s only done once or twice, that’s fine, but it’s done over and over again until it becomes a habit. And if so the impact will be bad for health. Here are some bad habits that people do before bed that make less quality sleep.

Bad Habits Before Bed #1. Eat spicy foods

Spicy food can indeed arouse someone’s appetite. Unless those who really don’t like spicy things will definitely not want to eat. This spicy food can keep a person awake for a long time. Spicy and hot sensations can appear not only in the mouth but also in the stomach.

An interesting sensation that cannot be forgotten by those who are spicy lovers. If you eat it in the morning or afternoon, it’s not a problem. But if you eat spicy food at night, especially at bedtime, you can actually not sleep. You have stomach problems either at night before going to bed or in the morning.

Bad Habits Before Bed #2. Naps Too Long

Many health experts explain how important naps are. Sleep done during the day with a short amount of time is enough to relax the body and mind a little. Only after that resumed activities that were delayed due to sleep. Remember that your naps only count for a short time, about 30-60 minutes.

If you exceed the maximum nap time, you can actually make the night refreshed. It’s because you have spent your daytime sleeping. So, the body performs energy recovery during the day so that the night makes us fresh and has difficulty sleeping. Set the time and duration of your nap so you can sleep on time at night.


Bad Habits Before Bed #3. Overthinking

The key to falling asleep quickly is to relax your body and mind. The body is relaxed, but if the mind is still not, then it is difficult to sleep quickly. Maybe you have trouble sleeping or insomnia because before going to bed you think too much or overthinking whatever you think.

In order for the body to sleep quickly and be able to recover, remove all unnecessary thoughts that can interfere with sleep time. Clear your mind and start resting. If you have something to think about, think long before bedtime. When it’s time for bed, don’t fill in thoughts that can make it difficult to sleep.

Bad Habits Before Bed #4. Watching Movies or Listening to Songs

It’s best to watch a movie or listen to that song at night. After a tired day at work or school, night becomes one of the moments where we can enjoy “me time” by watching a movie or listening to the song we want. Listening to songs or watching movies is fun and can even make people lose track of time.

Initially, those who only wanted to watch one or two, unconsciously watched a lot of films until after the break. Surely some of you have done this. It is necessary to be reminded that you should not waste your sleep time for pleasure that is only for a moment. Remember that there is still tomorrow where you have to return to your normal activities.

Bad Habits Before Bed #5. Too Heavy Exercise

It is recommended for all of us to exercise. No matter how busy it is, take as much time as possible 30-60 minutes for exercise. Do not let us work too hard to earn lots of money but forget to exercise so we get sick easily. Do not forget to pay attention to when and how long to exercise.


Whether you exercise in the morning or at night, both have different benefits. What needs to be considered is when choosing to do sports at night. Don’t do too much exercise that makes the body very tired. Too tired sometimes even makes it difficult for the body to take a break.

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Bad Habits Before Bed #6. Play Mobile Games

Who doesn’t like playing video games? Video games can not only be played on consoles or PCs, now they can also be played on smartphones. Playing video games where the platform is, can make the mind relax and lighten the burden. But often this moment makes people forget the time.

I was so excited playing games, it didn’t feel like the clock had passed 12 in the evening. Which is clear it  time for bed. The body needs rest after a day of activities. Sometimes people make this a habit before going to bed. If you don’t play on the console or PC, at least you can play on your cellphone while lying down.

Bad Habits Before Bed #7. Opening Social Media

Bringing a smartphone or other gadget to bed is not a wise choice. Why? Because with gadgets, our focus can be divided. What should we take a break instead becomes engrossed in opening the gadget. Especially if you have heard an incoming notification from social media. Makin ‘eyes wide open to see what’s going on.

Opening a smartphone as well as social media can be very addictive. Make a sleepy person fresh. While sliding the screen down to see the posts of our friends, crush, girlfriend, or idol artist. If you want to sleep quickly and get quality sleep, you have to get rid of smartphones and gadgets away from the bed.


Bad Habits Before Bed #8. Staying up late

The last habit but most people do before going to bed is none other than staying up late. There are many reasons people stay up late, one of which can be due to work. The work that has accumulated in the office is used as an excuse to justify staying up late. It is true that office work must be completed, but it is not necessary to stay up late every day.

The body is like a machine that needs to rest. Broken machines can be repaired in the workshop or replaced with new ones, but the health of the body is difficult to replace. The work is not necessarily finished, but the health of the body is disturbed and must spend money to restore the body’s health to normal. As much as possible avoid staying up late if you don’t have to.

Bad Habits Before Bed #9. Eating Too Much

Everyone definitely needs something called eating. Regular meals are carried out 3 times a day, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is recommended to eat nutritious foods and in the right portions. The goal is for the body to get nutrition and energy. Portions are adjusted so as not to increase body weight dramatically, causing obesity.

If previously explained that eating spicy food can cause insomnia, eating regular food but in large portions can also cause sleep disorders. Eating large portions so that you are too full can make people reluctant to sleep because the stomach feels uncomfortable. Eat the right portion about 2-3 hours before going to bed so that sleeping hours are not disturbed.

Bad Habits Before Bed #10. Drinking Coffee

One of the habits that people often do that makes sleep disturbed is drinking coffee. Coffee is now a very popular drink. The majority of people drink coffee, not just one glass but several glasses in a day. Not closed also drinking coffee at night.


Coffee contains a substance called caffeine. This caffeine can make a person difficult to sleep. Caffeine can make the body refreshed and the heart beat faster. If the heart beats faster and the body is refreshed, it is less likely that a person will sleep. It’s better to drink enough water to keep fluids in the body from getting less.