10 Bad Habits for Teeth That You Must Stop

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bad habits for teeth

There are many habits that we do that can actually have a negative impact on teeth health. Of course you don’t want to have problems with your teeth, don’t you? Having problems or pain in your teeth is very unpleasant.

Whether you want to drink or eat, your teeth feel uncomfortable. So from now on we must always maintain healthy teeth. Apart from having to routinely check your dental health at the dentist, there are some bad habits that should be stopped in order to keep your teeth healthy. What are the habits that can damage your teeth? Check out below!

1. Alcohol

It turns out that drinking alcohol has more bad effects than positive effects. People only see alcohol as an option to relax, get rid of burdened thoughts, and familiarize themselves with new people. In fact, alcohol can interfere with health, one of which is teeth.

Alcohol can decrease saliva production and dry out your mouth. Even though this saliva has a function to clean teeth as well as bacteria. As a result, more and more bacteria build up in the mouth, making breath more unpleasant. Another effect of alcohol is that it is acidic, which can erode tooth enamel.

2. Nail Biting

Being in an unpleasant situation often makes a person nervous. When nervous, all the things that have been prepared can get messy. That’s why many people try hard not to get nervous. Even if you are nervous, certain ways must be done to get rid of that nervousness. One of them can be by biting your nails.


It turns out that nail biting can also be one of the things that causes our teeth to become damaged. Not only the teeth are damaged, the jaw is also affected. Not to mention that there are so many bad bacteria underneath the nails. If these bacteria enter the body it can disturb digestion.

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3. Snacking Too Often

When spare time or when watching movies, it is most fun when accompanied by snacks. Snacking on a snack pack or two may be enough to satisfy the mouth. But if done excessively, not only will body weight increase but dental health is also affected. Do you want your teeth to be damaged prematurely?

When you eat, the bacteria in your mouth will eat the food left between your teeth. They will produce acid which allows them to erode the teeth slowly. Over time, the teeth will decay. Instead of snacking carelessly, it’s better to eat a healthy and balanced diet and don’t forget to drink lots of water to clean leftover food in your mouth.

4. Coffee

If we look around us, we will be able to find many people who drink coffee. There are those who drink coffee in normal doses, there are also those who make coffee as a daily drink and are accustomed to drinking it all the time. Coffee has become a substitute for water, something like that. What is dangerous are those who make drinking coffee a habit.

Although it is good for helping the body stay awake and an energy booster, coffee can make teeth become damaged. Coffee can leave black stains on teeth. Not to mention if coffee is added with sugar and drunk regularly. It takes a long time but surely, the color of the teeth that was originally white can turn yellow and make the teeth weak.


5. Biting Foreign Objects

Teeth should be used to bite and crush food. But many people just don’t use their teeth properly. Instead of entering food, people put in foreign objects that are not food. It’s not for eating, but it’s more than just a bite.

Nibbling on anything other than this food is not a good habit. Call it biting a pen or pencil. The strength of the teeth has been designed to chew food, chewing other hard objects will actually create more stress on the teeth. Too much force biting hard objects can crack teeth and even break.

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6. Smoking

Not only alcohol, usually people will need one more thing to accompany alcohol. The usual choice will fall on cigarettes. Talking about cigarettes, the number of active smokers is now very large. Almost everyone we meet, there must be at least one secondhand smoke. To find out whether the person is a smoker or not is easy. There are many signs that indicate that the person has a hobby of smoking.

One of the clear signs of a crook is dull teeth. The effect of smoking cigarettes frequently is not only on breathing but can also damage oral health. Tooth color can change from white to black, bad breath, decreased taste ability. rotten teeth, and even oral cancer.


7. Gritting Teeth

The habits of grinding teeth can also damage dental health. When people are upset or irritable, they may grit their teeth violently. That consciously, how about not being aware? When in sleep, for example, we don’t know whether we’re going to grit our teeth or not.

The habits of grinding teeth consciously or not can be caused not only by annoyance, it can also be due to stress and anxiety. Continuously grinding your teeth can make your teeth weak. It is only a matter of time until the tooth is finally damaged. If you don’t want this to happen, find out what caused you to grind your teeth and solve it immediately.

8. Chewing

Adding ice to a drink is indeed refreshing, especially if you drink it after you are tired of your activities and also during the scorching heat of the day. Surely the body will be refreshed because of the cold water. Drinking cold water is not a problem, the problem is if the water runs out, leaving only ice and we bite the ice, that’s the problem.

The ice has a hard enough hardness that it can crack teeth. The cold can also cause the enamel to thin out. If it is damaged, it will be difficult to return the tooth to its original state. While biting ice cubes is fun, it’s better to avoid this habit and it’s safer to drink cold water using a straw instead of chewing the ice.

9. Brushing Teeth Too Hard

Everyone wants to have strong and healthy teeth. There are many ways to achieve that desire. The easiest way to do this is to be diligent in brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth using 2 things called a toothbrush and paste. Performed in the morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep.


These actually good habits are sometimes over done. If you do it too hard, your teeth will break. Enamel or the outer part of the teeth can be eroded, making teeth sensitive, and also weak. Brush your teeth slowly, not too hard. And don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months or when the bristles are spread out, fall out, or are ugly.

10. Using Teeth As A Tool

Many people think that their teeth are so strong that they can be used for something other than eating. Things other than eating can be like opening bottle caps or tearing sachets. This habits is done after it feels difficult to make it by hand, then finally it is tried again using the help of teeth.

When you use your teeth that are not in accordance with their function, namely to chew food, but are used to chew other objects, it is likely that your teeth will experience cracks and the worst can break. Teeth have a limit of strength, if used to bite objects, especially if this object is too hard, it could injure the teeth and jaw.