10 Bad Habits That Cause Back Pain

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bad habits that cause back pain

Maintaining health is very crucial, especially on the spinal health. A healthy spine can affect posture, back, and waist. So it can be said that this spine has a very vital role. Unfortunately, there are a number of bad habits that people frequently do that can actually cause back pain. The effect is felt in the waist, back, and posture. Check out below!

1. Sitting Too Long

Have you ever felt your back hurt? The pain in the waist or back can be caused by many things, starting from your bad habits. One of the bad habits that cause back pain is by sitting in the chair for too long.

Those who spend a long time sitting in a chair are usually office workers. Sitting while writing notes and facing the computer will be very vulnerable to experiencing health problem such as Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs.

2. Bad Walking Posture

Walking seems simple, but it turns out that walking can affect a person’s posture. If the posture is not right, then the consequences will be felt in the neck, back, waist, and spine. How sure that you’re walking with the correct posture?

Try to occasionally pay attention to the way people walk. There must be people walking while looking down at their smartphone or facing up too much. This position is not a good position when walking. A good walking position is with your head held high, your back straight, and your shoulders relaxed. If your posture is not right, don’t be surprised if you feel the pain in your back.


3. Carrying Too Heavy Stuff

It is natural for students to go to school with a bag. A bag filled with textbooks and perhaps food supplies will be carried every day on the back. Continuously carrying a bag that has a heavy load for a long period of time can also be a cause of pain in the back and waist.

It is recommended not to carry too heavy a load in the bag. Try not to weigh more than 10% of your total body weight if you want to keep your shoulders, back, waist, and spine from getting sore.

4. Poor Nutrition

Starting from maintaining endurance, facilitating digestion, making it difficult to get sick, ideal body weight, and of course maintaining bone health. Nowadays, most of the teenagers already have problems with bones because of eating carelessly.

More and more fast food restaurants and street snacks that are not necessarily healthy can affect bone health. Bones need nutrition from the right foods. Protein and calcium are some of the nutrients needed by bones. If the bones are not given adequate nutrition, they will become brittle and break.

5. Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise not only can make you gain weight but also bring many other health problems. One that may arise is a problem with the bones. Bones become unhealthy, brittle, and fragile.


Those who regularly exercise certainly rarely experience problems with muscles and bones because exercise can indeed strengthen these two things. Different effects for those who are lazy to move. Muscles, bones, and ligaments can become unhealthy and weak. The spine especially, considering that the spine is one of the very important bones in supporting the body and affecting posture.

6. Using The Wrong Pillow or Mattress

Many people complain of pain in the neck, back, waist, and surrounding areas after waking up. If this health problem occurs, there is only one possibility, which is the wrong bed and pillow. These two things have a very big influence in determining whether or not a person’s body is healthy. If you are experiencing pain, you’d want to consider getting a new mattress to suit your needs and improve your overall sleep and health.

A bed that is too loose or too hard will certainly not be comfortable to sleep on. If you are too forced to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, it will obviously make it difficult to sleep. Even if you can sleep, when you wake up you will feel sore. It was wrong to choose the bed, plus the wrong choice of head pillow.

7. Twisting the Back Spine

There are a number of people who feel happy or relaxed after cracking a bone or joint. The trick is to turn the waist to the left or right until it makes a ‘crack’ sound. This is one of the bad habits that can cause back pain.

Doing it in wrong way can actually make the waist become sore. Maybe the pain won’t be felt now because you’re still young and strong. But for a long term, this could be a serious problem!


8. Wearing High Heels

When choosing a shoe, don’t forget about comfortable shoes. Shoes that are not right will make your feet and walking uncomfortable. This will have an impact not only on the waist but also up to the neck. Women who like to use heels can also be at risk for this problem. Heels that are more than 1 inch high will put more pressure on the waist.

9. Stress

Stress is unavoidable. Everyone, regardless of gender and age, will definitely experience stress. Your back pain can also caused by stress.

Stress and not being able to control emotions can make a number of muscles in the body tense. This can lead to the pain in your back. To prevent, it is necessary to find out what is the cause of the emergence of stress. Overcome the stress and learn to control your emotions so that tense muscles can relax.

10. Smoking

Actually, the health problems caused by cigarettes have been written on cigarette packs. Maybe there is one that is missed, which is the problem with the bones. Cigarettes contain something called nicotine. Nicotine can block oxygen and nutrients from flowing to the bones, including the spine. This can make bones grow old and brittle.