9 Daily Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair

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bad habits that damage your hair

Everyone wants to have healthy and strong hair. But unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do to care for hair. Instead of doing what can make their hair healthy, they often do the opposite. Unconsciously we do habits that actually damage our hair.

Check out below 9 daily bad habits that damage your hair:

1. Rarely Drinking Water

Don’t be lazy to drink water if you want your body to stay hydrated. The definition of the body here includes all parts of the body, including your hair. Lack of drinking will not only make your body weak, but the turns out can also damage your hair.

Studies found that lack of drinking water everyday, can results in dry and hair loss in the long term.

Hair is very susceptible to the name breaking and falling out.


Therefore, an easy way to maintain healthy hair can be started from regularly drinking water. Check out how much water you should drink everyday here.

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2. Tying Hair Too Hard

For girls that has a long hair, tying hair could be their habit. But sometimes, they don’t realize if these habits could damage their hair in the long term.

Tying your hair too hard could impact as in putting more pressure on the hair. Hair becomes more drawn to a point. The tighter the ties, the greater the risk of hair pulling or falling out. Give some looseness to the hair ties so they don’t get too tense. This can prevent you from hair loss problems and premature baldness.

Most importantly, always remember to take off your hair tie before sleep!

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3. Excessive Shampoo Usage

We all understand that after a hot and sunny day, shampooing would be the best pleasure to get rid all the oil and dust that stick on your hair. However, some people do this too often.


Washing your hair too frequently is not good. Our heads actually produce natural oils that will appear when hair is dry. The goal is to keep hair moist. If you use shampoo too often, these natural oils will be eliminated. This oil cannot be produced continuously. There are times when the oil will dry out as a result of shampooing too often.

4. Wrap The Head With a Towel After Shower

Which of you will immediately wrapped your head in a towel after shower? Usually this is done by women. Perhaps the goal is to keep the hair from falling backwards and to keep the water from falling to the floor but getting into the towel. We recommend that you stop this habit as it can damage your hair.

Please note that towels are generally made using a coarse cloth. If you use this towel to wrap your head or wipe wet hair, it can rub against your hair and make your hair tangled, fall out, and damaged. Use a towel with a soft material so that the hair does not get damaged quickly.

5. Using Random Conditioner

It’s good for us to choose the right type of shampoo and conditioner for our hair. Hair needs care in order to grow healthy and strong. The right shampoo and conditioner can help you to strengthen your hair. But if you choose carelessly, what happens could be the opposite. In fact, the hair becomes damaged, broken, branched, and falls out.

Please note that not all shampoos and conditioners are created for just one hair type. Everyone has hair types with different problems. Know your hair type and problems, then look for the right shampoo and conditioner. If you need, consult a hair expert to find out the condition of your hair and what kind of treatment should be done.


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6. Comb When The Hair Still Wet

For most people, combing hair when it is wet is the easiest and most pleasurable. It is during wet conditions that the hair is easier to manage. This habit that is quite often done by this person turns out to have an impact on hair health. Maybe some of you also do this habit often?

When the hair is wet, this is the moment when the hair is in a brittle condition. Hair is very easy to get damaged if you do something wrong. Actions like combing your hair straight to avoid frizz are wrong. In fact, hair falls out easily. At least wait until the hair is half dry before combing.

7. Dyeing Hair

It is normal for people to want to follow the trend of dyeing their hair. Coloring your hair can be one way to make your appearance more attractive. There are already many hair dye products with various attractive colors.

Image: Madesafe

No matter how safe you claim it, hair dye still uses chemicals. The chemicals used in hair dye never know where and what effect they can have. Maybe the effects won’t appear any time soon. The bad effects can appear in a long term.


8. Too Often Using A Hair Dryer

During the shower, we will definitely wash our hair using a towel. But this does not guarantee 100% dry hair. There is still some moisture in the hair and if you are pressed for time, you should dry your hair as soon as possible.

Although it can make hair dry faster, using a dryer too often is not good for hair. Hair dryer can dry the remaining water in the hair, but also dry the hair’s natural oils. This oil functions as a hair conditioner. If this is the case, the hair will be dry, easily frizzy, and fall out.

9. Swimming Too Often

When the weather is hot, swimming is one of the best activity to do. Swimming can make the body cooler and fresher. In addition, another positive benefit of swimming is a healthy body as we have to move in order to stay afloat in the water.

However, swimming in the pool or beach can have a negative impact on hair health. Chlorine and salt water are big enemies for hair. These two things can dry out your hair. It is recommended to use conditioner before swimming and wash your hair immediately after swimming.

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Bottom Line

If you have self discipline getting rid of all those habits above, the chance of hair damage will be lesser. Although, there are some other factors that could affect hair loss such as genetics.

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