Best College Life Hacks Ideas From Successful Alumni

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College life is a combination of fun and hard work. Students are in a never-ending battle for high grades while trying to find time for extracurricular and social activities. It is a tricky balance to strike.

According to a report from the American College health association, over 60% of college students experience “overwhelming anxiety” in one form or the other. More than 40% said that continued depression thwarted their ability to function properly. I’m positive you don’t want to be one of them.

Luckily, there is a lot you can learn from those who have already graduated from college. We have collected the life hacks below from a broad group of successful alumni who really know the score. Take a moment to see what they have to offer to turn your college life into an enjoyable experience.

– Do not procrastinate

If I were to name one thing that is common among all students worldwide, it would be a propensity for procrastination. Never take it lightly. It’s a bad habit that can ruin both your studies and social life.

Surely, you can’t do everything in one go or in a day. Students distribute their work over long periods of time. And it does come down to proper planning. But, whatever you plan, make sure you accomplish it!


– Take breaks

Hard work does not mean you have to kill yourself. Regular breaks are as essential as your concentration during the learning process. To maintain focus, you need to energize yourself via regular breaks.

It is considered best practice to focus on yourself, others, or anything else other than your studies during those breaks. They are intended to help you decompress rather than a supplement to your study time. So, enjoy your campus life, engage in social activities, or just do something for fun.

– Seek help when you need it

You can’t go it alone. There will be times when you need help to do things. Talk to your fellow students if you need advice from someone who’s been in a similar situation.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your professor if you need additional help or clarification. When you feel you cannot simply cope with all the essays and assignments, get help from write my essay for me reviews to complete them on time.

– Take advantage of internship opportunities

Internships are a proven way of reinforcing your knowledge and gaining professional experience. The earlier you take advantage of internship opportunities, the better.


When you enter the labor market, the more internships you have under your belt, the higher your chances of getting the job you are looking for. Employers and recruiters love applicants who have already completed practical tasks and activities.

– Stick to a healthy lifestyle

We’ve all been there. I know how tough it is to stick to a healthy diet. But, trust me, there are numerous creative and affordable ways to eat healthy food even when you get super busy with your exams. Leading a healthy lifestyle always comes up as one of the key life hacks for students, no matter where they’re from.

The importance of getting enough rest merits special mention. Never underestimate it as you manage your lifestyle. Do all it takes to ensure that you get proper sleep. Adults usually need 7-8 hours of healthy sleep to function properly.

Late-night parties are great, but if you get dissipated too often, you risk damaging both your health and academic performance.

Do lots of physical exercises. Hit the gym if you like lifting weights or doing cardio. If you enjoy socializing, try team sports, such as pickup basketball or volleyball. It doesn’t really matter what kind of physical exercise you do as long as you enjoy it.


– Tutors are there to help you

Your professors are not just your tutors but your friends too. They want you to succeed, not fail. Keep talking to them if you have any questions or need help. Engaging early also matters.

Make sure you participate in discussions actively during your classes. Professors know that interactive discussions are one of the best ways of learning. Your proactiveness is a sign of your willingness to succeed.

Final Considerations

So, what does this all mean? It means you can take steps to make sure your college years will go down as a memorable and enjoyable experience. There are ways in which you can succeed in your academic performance and in your extracurricular activities. No need to reinvent the wheel, just take advice from those who have already been there.