Check Out What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health!

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Staying healthy can be challenging. There are so many ‘easy’ ways to do things that it can be difficult to choose the healthy way, especially when you’re pressed for time. That’s often the case in the fast-paced modern world.

Most people won’t notice the effects of bad habits until they start to feel unwell and need to see a doctor. However, recent research has indicated a link between oral health and overall health. That means you can keep an eye on your health by visiting a good holistic dentist regularly. They’ll assess your oral health and link it with your overall health for you.

You can, and should, also regularly check your tongue. It can tell you a lot about your health:

Pink Tongue

This is the normal color of your tongue and suggests you are generally healthy.

Pale Pink

While a pink tongue suggests you are healthy, if your tongue is a pale pink then you are likely to be suffering from a vitamin deficiency or an immune system issue. This can be connected to a lack of energy.


Red Tongue

A red tongue, which means a deep red shows that your body has excess heat. This may be the case if it is exceptionally hot or you have just been exercising. But, if you have been relaxing and your tongue is noticeable red, you probably have a fever. This can be an infection or a hormonal issue.

Purple Tongue

When your tongue is red, bordering purple, or even completely purple, your body is telling you it is infected and likely suffering from inflammation.

The Coating Of your Tongue

It’s not just the colour that can tell you something. You should look to see how thick the coating is:

  • Thick coating

A tongue with a thick layer on top of it tells you there is an issue with your digestive system.

  • Yellow

If the coating of your tongue is yellowish in colour then you probably have an infection and need the help of a doctor.


  • Gray

Gray coatings also indicate a digestive issue. But, this suggests it is a long-term issue and there may be something more serious wrong with your body.

  • White

White coatings are standard when you have a yeast infection. They can also indicate reduced circulation to your extremities.


The shape of your tongue can also help you to assess your overall health.

In general, a puffy tongue, especially if it has scalloped edges, suggest that your body is struggling to absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Your tongue can also become thinner when you’re dehydrated.


Final Thoughts

It’s believed that different sections of your tongue correspond to different parts of your body. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to inspect your tongue regularly. The better you know it the easier it is to be certain that it has changed. This could help you to get early treatment for an issue and maintain your current quality of life.