Christmas Presents For Your Loved One That Are Just That Little Bit Different

2 mins read

With autumn in full swing, it certainly does not hurt to start considering and planning what you may be thinking of purchasing for your loved ones this Christmas.

If you are someone who prefers not to shop on global and all-consuming online stores for generic, ‘trending’ gifts, then you will certainly be looking for a present that is just that little bit different. With that being said, continue reading for some fabulous Christmas gift ideas that are slightly ‘left field’ of the norm.

Your Partner

If you have just started dating your prospective other half, then more usual and traditional gifts for these first few stages of getting to know each other will probably suffice.

However, if you have been together for a while or are married with a child or pet and a mortgage, it is more than likely that your partner has everything that they need and everything they think they want. The challenge here, then, is to find a Christmas gift that they never knew they both wanted and needed until Christmas morning.

In a world where technology truly is the proverbial king, retro and vintage items are a sure fire hit to incite feelings of nostalgia. 1970’s style vintage instant cameras are a fabulous Christmas gift and, moreover, one that keeps on giving with your partner recording each adventure and memorable event you share together with their new retro camera.


Other ideas for slightly different from the normal Christmas gifts for your partner include a course of evening lessons in painting, archery or basically any other ‘extracurricular’ activity, a monthly subscription to a board game delivery company or a cheese, bread or pasta maker if your partner considers themselves to be somewhat of a culinary genius.

Your Parents

If one was to list the ‘usual’ culprits for last-minute and somewhat basic, Christmas presents, you would expect to include flowers, chocolates and an item of jewelry. The latter item, however, is certainly one that can be individualized and personalized to practically any extent, dependent on how sentimental and meaningful you would like the present to be.

When browsing for jewelry for your parents, why not source an online store that enables you to buy in bulk for less enabling you to gift not just your parents but all of your family and friends if you wished. Find an online site that sells quality, wholesale sterling silver jewelry that are made overseas with an ethical ethos. This way, you are simultaneously gifting your parents with a beautiful set of earrings and cuff links and making a positive difference to the lives of those less fortunate. This might even inspire you to open up your own business in which to sell their jewelry so that more people can treat their parents to jewelry the right way.

Other fantastic and slightly different, ideas for Christmas gifts for your parents include an impressive coffee machine, complete with a range of unique coffee flavor pods from around the world, wine and cheese monthly subscription box, and luxuriously soft and (of course) personalized with initials, washing robe and towel set each.

For a truly ostentatious yet equally amazing Christmas gift, if your parent(s) are keen gardeners, you could research their local area to find a free allotment space to gift them on Christmas morning.