10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women in The World

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countries with the most beautiful women

The definition of a beautiful woman is different for each person. If everyone has different views, of course each country also has its own criteria regarding beautiful women. And it is fitting for a woman to be admired for her beauty, whether outside or inside. Talking about beautiful women from various countries, there are a number of countries that are considered to have the largest population of beautiful women in the world. Here’s the list of 10 countries with the most beautiful women in the world!

1. Venezuela

countries with the most beautiful women

Whenever there is a beauty pageant that features a lot of beautiful women, Venezuela is almost predictable to have multiple representatives. The Venezuelan woman is incredibly beautiful, sensual, and seductive. There are 2 countries that have the most Miss Universe champions. These countries are Venezuela and the United States.

2. The Netherlands

countries with the most beautiful women

Talking about the size of the country, the Netherlands is indeed a small country. But we cannot underestimate a country just because of its small size. Even though the Netherlands is small, there are many interesting things that can be seen from the Netherlands. One of the interesting things is women. Dutch women are not only attractive from their appearance but also in their mindset.


The typical Dutch woman is tall, has beautiful eyes, and has blonde hair color. Women who have blonde hair are somehow more attractive than those with black hair. Coupled with her attractiveness, it’s hard to say no to Dutch women. Oh yes, the Dutch are known to be open minded. They can accept differences and can take care of themselves.

3. South Korea

countries with the most beautiful women

It is impossible not to include South Korea in the list of countries with the most beautiful women. This country, which is known for its kpop music and its dramas, has been a topic of conversation for a long time. If you need proof, just try to watch the drama or follow the music, surely there are actresses or singers who have beautiful faces.

The kpop music industry seems to realize that to attract audiences is not only from the sound and music, but also from the appearance of their idols. That’s why those who were chosen to be members of girl groups were mostly women who had attractive looks. Even South Korea also has very high standards of beauty. Not a few teenage girls do surgery to get a beautiful body and face shape.

4. Argentina

Argentina girl


Women who come from South America always occupy a special position in the hearts of men. They are beautiful, attractive, and sexy. It’s hard to find reasons not to idolize them. From various countries in South America, Argentina is one country that should not be missed on this list.

Argentine women seem to be born with natural beauty. They only need a touch of make-up, they can captivate the hearts of Adam. Walking on the streets of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, you can see what the beauty of Argentine women looks like. Because they already have natural beauty, it is rare for Argentine women to wear heavy make-up.

5. Italy

countries with the most beautiful women

Are you single men maybe in Italy just really purely for the purpose of a vacation to a historical place and trying culinary in Italy? Of course not. Apart from being famous for its culture, history, and food, there is one other interesting thing that can be enjoyed in Italy. The interesting thing is, of course, none other than Italian women.

Italy has a fairly large population of beautiful women. Women in Italy have the same characteristics as women from the Mediterranean. Not only beautiful faces, Italian women also have top fashion styles. This combination makes Italian women not only beautiful but also attractive. Once seen, it would be hard to look away.


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6. Ukraine

Ukraine girl

Ukraine is one of the major countries in Eastern Europe, bordering several countries such as Russia, Belarus and Poland. This rarely heard country turns out to be one of the most beautiful women producing countries in the world. If anyone asks why it should be a Ukrainian woman, why not? There is no reason not to like a woman from Ukraine.

Natalia Gotsiy, Alina Baikova, Anna Zayachkivska, Khrystyna Stoloka, and Iryna Zhuravska, how could you possibly turn your mind away from these beautiful women. Ukrainian women arguably have their own characteristics that set them apart from women in other countries. This character is what makes Ukrainian women more attractive. If you are attracted to Ukrainian women, make sure you are a gentle man who also has high determination.

7. Switzerland

countries with the most beautiful women


There are so many countries in Europe but the most interesting one to discuss is Switzerland. It’s not just that Switzerland has an interesting sight. But also because of the presence of the Eve there. Swiss women are truly beautiful and attractive. It seems that they are made to be admired and become models.

8. Brazil

Brazil girl

If there is anything else that Brazil has other than tourism and football, it’s women. Indeed, Brazil has become a favorite place for tourists to vacation because Brazil has a very beautiful beach. But that’s not all that Brazil can admire. Brazilian women also deserve to be admired for their beauty.

Call Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrisio, Raquel Zimmermann, are some of the world famous models who have Brazilian blood. That’s just a model, apart from the already mentioned models, Brazil still has many beautiful women waiting to be discovered by modeling agencies.

Swiss women have the ideal height like a model. It would be very difficult to guess which was the average girl and which was the real model. Most of them have a friendly nature and are also attractive. Swiss girls’ taste for fashion is also high, making walking on a regular street like being at a fashion show because there are so many beautiful girls around you.


9. Russia

countries with the most beautiful women

If you want to find a beautiful woman, maybe Russia can be an option. Russia has a lot of beautiful women who are scattered in various fields. From the field of sports and even politics, there must be some that stand out. Why can Russian women be so beautiful? That’s because Russia has many ethnicities and regions starting from central and southern Russia.

From the field of sports we must have heard of names like Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, and Alina Kabaeva. From the political field there is the name Natalia Poklonskaya. This Natalia Poklonskay immediately stole the hearts of readers on the internet. He is the attorney general of the Crimean Republic. When it comes to models, there are Selen Soyder, Hande Ercel, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu, there are many other names.

10. Turkey

Turkey girl

Countries in the Middle East certainly have beautiful women, no doubt. One of the countries in the Middle East that produces the most beautiful women is Turkey. For those of you who have visited Turkey, you must have seen firsthand what women are like in Turkey.


This country is not only a country full of historical sites and photogenic places, Turkish women seem to have another place in the heart because of the beauty they have. Turkish women know how to appear in public. When viewed, they seemed to exude an aura of elegance and majesty that was not shared by women from other countries.