10 Early Warning Signs That You Actually Have Diabetes

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With all the research on diabetes treatment, there is no cure for diabetes until now. However, it can still be controlled if you manage your blood sugar level, healthy eating habits, and etc. The best way is by knowing all the early signs of diabetes before it’s too late!

Diabetes is a disease that happened when your blood sugar is too high.

This might due to unhealthy consumption and daily habit that you do everyday. Although, according to Healthline, this can also happened because of hereditary.

People with all size, including fat and skinny can develop diabetes. Meaning to say, you can’t judge that if a person is having diabetes by seeing his/her overweight body.

So, is there any way to check diabetes without blood test? The answer would be yes, by observing some early signs and symptoms if your body is developing a diabetes.


First, take a deep breath and check out if you have one of these symptoms!

1. Easily Get Tired

One of the signs that you having diabetes is if you realize your body is easily tired. Lets say you’re not doing anything or tiring activities, but you feel that your body is weak and no energy. This could be a sign that you’re having a diabetes!

Even though after having meal and nap, your body still feel tired. If you experience this, it is a good idea to consult a doctor immediately.

However, tiredness is still a mild and early signs of diabetes. If it can be detected immediately, there is still a chance for you to avoid the disease.

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2. Always Thirsty

According to the study, human need a minimal consumption of 3.5 litres or equal to 15 cups of water per day. In fact, human body will turn thirsty easily if you are in an air-conditioned or hot room.

However, if you always feel thirsty all the time, it could be one of the signs that you have diabetes. If you have diabetes, you will feel your throat always dry even though you have drunk enough water.

3. Bad Breath

Bad breath is not only caused by cavities or eat foods that have a  smell strong. It could also be signs of diabetes.

Diabetes can make your mouth feel dry. This dry mouth also gives off an unpleasant odor.

Dry mouth indicates reduced saliva production. One of the functions of saliva is to clean bacteria in the mouth and keep the PH balanced. Ketosis that occurs due to diabetes releases chemicals called ketones. These ketones can make the mouth smell bad.


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4. Weight Change Drastically

In normal way, in order to gain or lose weight is to regularly do sports, healthy diet, and rest. After that you just have to wait until you achieved the desired weight. When someone has high blood sugar, their weight can also change drastically at any time.

Those who experience sudden weight changes that increase or decrease suddenly are the characteristics of people who have type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a health problem when the body lacks or cannot produce the hormone insulin. This insulin hormone has a function to maintain blood sugar levels in normal numbers. The hormone insulin is disrupted, insulin production is also disrupted.

5. Slow Recovery from Wounds

When someone falls or has a part of his body cut by a sharp object, a wound will appear. Wounds are the mechanisms by which the body closes openings. This wound healing process can be faster depending on the condition of the body.

Diabetes is believed to be able to make the wound healing process longer. The reason is clearly due to excess sugar levels in the bloodstream. The sores and soreness after activity will take longer to heal.


Diabetic foot is one of the main complication of diabetes. If you feel that the wound on your feet has been healing for a long time, it is better to consult a doctor.

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6. Frequent Pins and Needles

Do you have a frequent pins and needles? Take a pre cautious, cause it could be signs of diabetes!

Pins and needles that occurs in the hands or feet is caused by a problematic nerve. Nerves have problems because of the very high sugar content in the blood which is continuously allowed. Increasingly neglected, this pins and needles feeling can become more severe and painful over time.

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7. Itchy skin

Maybe because they think that diabetes is a problem in the body, many people ignore the health of their skin. In fact, some problems that appear on the skin can also be a sign that we have diabetes. One of the skin problems that arise due to diabetes is itching.

People who have diabetes also have skin problems. The skin will be drier and you will feel itchy that you want to scratch. If you scratch it, the itching will persist. Instead of missing, the skin becomes damaged. Not to mention the added black spots in some parts which can also be a marker for diabetes.

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8. Blurred Vision

People who assume that blurred vision is a sign should go to an eye doctor and buy glasses. But it wasn’t that simple. There are several chronic health problems that can actually affect whether or not vision is clear. And that health problem is none other than diabetes.

For those with diabetes, vision can be blurred or unclear. This occurs because there is a change in the fluid inside the eye which causes the lens to become swollen. As a result, the eyes can’t focus as usual. Even though you have changed your glasses, your vision is still blurry.


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9. Frequent Urination

Naturally, if someone does a routine ritual of urinating in the toilet or toilet. It would be unnatural if this ritual was carried out more and longer. If you suddenly urinate more frequently, maybe you can be careful. Maybe you are indicated to have diabetes.

The easiest way to detect a person with diabetes is to look at the frequency of urination. The average number of normal people urinating a day is 4 to 7. Those who pass this number are allowed to be alert. Apart from getting rid of toxins, urinating is also a sign that the body is trying to get rid of the excess sugar in the body.

10. Difficult Erection

Relationships with wives can be troublesome if sex is interrupted. One of the problems that is quite often experienced by men is difficult erection. Apart from being difficult to get an erection, once you can get an erection it also doesn’t take long. This makes intimate relationships so disturbed. In the end, it can make the mood worse.

Unfortunately, it turns out that difficult erection problems can be a sign that a man has another, more chronic health problem, namely diabetes. High levels of sugar in the blood can also cause sexual dysfunction problems in men. Unhealthy blood flow to the genitals makes men have erectile dysfunction problems.