Everything You Need To Know About A Potato Planter: Advantages And Types

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Potatoes are considered to be essential components and parts of our daily diet. Around all the corners of the world, these vegetable implements are used to bring variety to the food we eat. When it comes to potato farming, the potato planter is worth mentioning in this regard. You will get nothing best for sowing potatoes except for these planters.

These potato planters are the best replacements for the manual sowing of potatoes. These are the best implements used for sowing potatoes. We have gathered a few interesting facts for you about these planters. You will be learning what these planters are and what their uses are.

What is a Potato Planter?

A potato planter is one of the best and most useful farm equipment used for sowing. You will use it for sowing potatoes on your farm. This planter is usually attached to the back of your tractor to help sow potatoes quite easily and quickly.

This planter is also used for sowing the seeds in a proper row. You will find them capable enough to sow the seeds evenly between the rows as well.

What are the advantages of a potato planter?

The advantages of a potato planter are explained here.


  • Ideal for saving time and labor;
  • Ideal for getting exact precision and accuracy while sowing seeds in a row;
  • Ideal for getting rid of the human errors;
  • Ideal for keeping proper depth and distance between the seeds that are to be sown;
  • Ideal for getting high outputs within no time;
  • Ideal for easy and comfortable work when it comes to agricultural practices;
  • Ideal for simple utility and great performance for the farmers;
  • Ideal for automatically covering the tuber with the soil;
  • You won’t have to use a furrow opener in the presence of these amazing planters that are used for potatoes sowing;
  • These planters are lightweight and save a lot of your time;
  • These planters are used for their less physical labor;
  • These planters are more efficient than humans and provide you with the instant results.

Working as a potato planter:

The potato planter usually works in a simple way, such as:

  • Running a tractor with a planter attached to its backside to complete the process without any manual handling.
  • These planters make a hole in the ground and keep making such holes as far as the tractor is in motion.
  • Then these planters lay the seeds in those holes and ultimately cover them with a layer of soil to help them grow easily.
  • That’s how a potato planter works in farming practices.

What are the types of potato planters?

There are three main types of potato planter that are used widely and are mentioned below.

  • Automatic potato planter
  • Semi-automatic potato planter
  • High-speed automatic potato planter


Manual handling is being replaced with an amazing farming implement. This implement is called a potato planter. This is used for many reasons in agriculture and Farming. Their usage has made farmers comfortable in their daily workloads. So, if you want to grow and sow potatoes, use these potato planters to ease your journey.