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10 Foods That Can Cause Body Odor

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Bad body odor is not necessarily caused by the cleanness level. Sometimes, it can cause by other factors. One of them is from the food consumed every day. There are foods that can actually cause body odor. So, if you want to eliminate your body odor, you might tried to avoid consuming these foods!

1. Onions

It cannot be denied that the presence of onions is very useful in food. With onions, a nasty food can turn into tasty. This is better and healthier than using artificial seasonings.

Although they can improve the taste of a food, these foods can also increase and cause a person’s chances of experiencing bad body odor. Onions contain allinase substances. This allinase can appear when the onions are cut or crushed. Coupled with other substances that are in the body and mix with the bacteria in the body, it produces a very strong odor.

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2. Spicy Food

When your appetite is down, one way to increase your appetite is to eat spicy foods. Not to mention the added capsaicin from chilies which can make a person eat more.

There are many spicy foods. Not only using chilies, but you can also use other spicy ingredients such as curry and so on.


Well, all of these spicy sources contain sulfur. This sulfur will later be released by the body through the pores. Mixed with sweat and bacteria in the body, it’s no wonder why bad body odor can appear.

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3. Fish

Fish is needed by the body because it contains omega 3 fats and protein. This explained why health experts recommend eating fish regularly. However, fish turns out to be some people can give bad effects in the form of body odor.

Those who have a metabolic problem called trimethylaminuria will very easily experience body odor. Trimethylaminuria is a health problem where the body is unable to break down the proteins contained in fish.

This results in the body releasing bad odors from the mouth, urine, and sweat glands. Therefore those of you who have this problem, be careful if you eat seafood.

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4. Fiber

The body needs fiber for digestion to work properly. Lack of fiber can actually make a person have problems with digestion. Fiber obtained from green vegetables. But don’t think that eating fiber only affects digestion.


The body can give off an unpleasant aroma as well as fiber. This fiber is like a double-edged knife. Both excess and lack of consumption will have an impact.

When a person consumes fiber excessively, it can cause gas and bloating in the stomach. Foods high in fiber contain hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide and methane. When these 3 gases combine it can produce very unpleasant gas.

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5. Red Meat

Have you ever wondered why people who have muscular bodies as a result of fitness have problems with body odor? It turn out that the body odor they produce is not because they rarely shower.

It might because they eat too much protein food, especially protein from the red meat. When people consume too much protein, the stomach will have problems digesting it. Protein is quite difficult for the body to digest.

As a result, the stomach will feel bloated because there is too much gas in the stomach. This excess gas will be exhausted through the fart, which will smell very bad. This is why consuming these foods can cause body odor!


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6. Alcohol

It seems that if you look at it, there are more and more people who like to drink alcohol-containing drinks. Even if they don’t get really drunk, at least go to the social drinker stage where they drink just to have fun with friends and work partners. Even so, the negative effects still exist for the body. It is not new anymore that drinking alcoholic beverages can have a bad effect on the kidneys and liver.

It is an already severe effect, a negative effect that is still in its mild stage but is not realized is the appearance of body odor. When alcohol gets into the body, it takes time for the body to get rid of all the remaining alcohol.

Residual alcohol is not only excreted through urine but also through the pores and sweat glands. This is why people who drink alcohol can have a bad smell from their bodies.

7. Fried Foods

Some of the things that can cause a person to experience body odor problems are sulfur, protein, fats, and greasy foods. Try to trace what you have eaten.

If you like to eat fatty foods and foods that are processed by frying, chances are you will have a problem with body odor. Foods that are high in sulfur, high in protein, fatty, and oily can be difficult to digest properly.


The longer this food is hoarded by the body, this will turn into rancid. Rancid is the reason you have bad body odor, bad breath, unpleasant belching, and flatulence.

8. Eggs

Egg - foods that cause body odor

When looking for other foods that have a high protein content besides meat, the answer is eggs. Despite their small size, eggs are very high in protein and fat. So this food is also used by those who like fitness and also those who want to lose weight.

It has been explained above that the body takes longer to digest protein. These eggs contain a substance that can cause bad body odor, namely sulfur. Coupled with health problems such as trimethylaminuria, this will increase a person’s chances of having problems with body odor.

9. Milk

Milk - foods that cause body odor


Milk is a healthy drink because it contains nutrients such as calcium and vitamins that can strengthen bones and help growth. That’s why parents give milk to their children so that their bones can become strong and get tall quickly.

If you have lactose problems, you can switch to other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Behind the health benefits obtained from dairy and dairy products, it turns out that milk is also the cause of a person to emit an unpleasant odor from the body.

This body odor occurs when the lipids secreted in sweat are digested by bacteria in the skin. Produces a gaseous byproduct that smells bad.

10. Coffee

Drink coffee in the morning, afternoon, and at night. This habit of drinking too much coffee can also cause a person to have bad body odor. Coffee contains caffeine, this caffeine can stimulate the body and nervous system to be more active.

As a result, the sweat glands also become more active than usual. Coffee has a strong acidic nature. Actually, our bodies have their own way to reduce excess acid. The trick is with the help of saliva. But when a person does not have enough saliva, it is difficult to reduce the acidity level of coffee. This acidic condition is very supportive for the growth of bacteria that can trigger body odor.