10 Foods to Consume if You Want to Make Your Bones Strong

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foods that make bones strong

As we get older, our bones will definitely get weaker. This does not mean that we have to give up. We can still do a number of things to maintain bone health and strength. Besides exercising, one of the trick is by eat some nutritious foods that can actually make your bones strong. Curious on what are those? Check out below!

1. Nuts

Nuts - Foods that make bones strong

Nuts, one of the small foods but have benefits that are needed by the body, especially it can actually make your bones strong!

There are many types of beans themselves. Some examples are almonds, lentils, pods, cashews, red, and so on. The large variety of nuts gives us many solutions to consume which one.

If you are still confused about what to cook, now there are many processed products that use peanuts as their basic ingredient. Call it peanut butter, almond butter, and protein bars. In addition to using nuts as the main ingredient, this processed product also adds a number of other ingredients to make it more attractive and taste better.


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2. Milk

Milk - foods that make bones strong

If you wish to make your bones strong, you should consider milk as your daily foods consumption. Even since childhood, parents have been diligent in giving milk to their children. Not only improves bone health and strength, milk can also help increase the height of the child. Can only small children drink milk? Of course not, adults can also drink milk.

For 236 ml of milk, you can get 30% of the total calcium needed in one day. The calcium content of milk can be even higher if you choose to drink high calcium milk. For parents, now there is milk with higher calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

3. Cereal

When people want food that can be processed and eaten quickly in the morning, cereal is one solution. Choosing cereals should not be done carelessly. You have to choose the right cereal.

For example, you choose cereals made from wheat and accompanied by other healthy ingredients such as nuts and fruit.


The reason for choosing cereals made from oats that are equipped with other healthy ingredients is that wheat contains vitamin D.

Bones need vitamin D to be strong. Equipped with other toppings such as nuts and black currants, the higher the vitamin D and calcium you will get.

4. Tofu

Most people assume that tofu is just an ordinary food that contain some vitamins inside. In fact, tofu is actually very rich in calcium. This is because one of the ingredients for making tofu is soybeans which is rich in calcium. Half a cup of tofu contains 400 mg of calcium.

However, if you want the benefit to make your bones strong, don’t consume it fried! The tofu must be boiled or steamed. According to the research, some of the nutrition are lost during frying, due to oxidation.

5. Tuna

There are two types of fish which are known for their high fat content, and vitamin D. The first is tuna and the second is salmon. Discussing tuna first, we often encounter this fish in a number of Japanese-style restaurants and it is processed into sushi and sashimi. The price is expensive, but the benefits provided by tuna are quite comparable.


For tuna weighing 3 ounces, you have sufficient vitamin D needs of 39% per day. Compared to other fish meat, tuna has a red meat character. Not only bones get the benefits, but your heart and muscles can also be healthier if you are diligent in consuming this fish.

6. Salmon

If the above has been explained about tuna, there is one other type of fish that is no less good than tuna. This fish is none other than salmon. Because of its good benefits, many processed products make salmon their raw material. Some are made into vitamin tablets, some are made into syrup.

It is not new anymore that salmon is high in omega 3 fats. In addition, salmon is also a source of vitamin D. Just 3 ounces of salmon meat, you can meet your vitamin D needs in one day. Do you want to process it by stir frying, frying it, or even making it into sushi? Up to you.

7. Spinach

If hatred of vegetables makes you reluctant to eat this green food, then you will lose a source of nutrients needed by your bones. Green vegetables are very rich in calcium where calcium is a nutrient that bones need to grow healthy and strong. One of the recommended green vegetables to eat is spinach.

With just one small cup of spinach, you will have enough calcium per day. Apart from calcium, there are other important nutrients that can also be obtained such as fiber, iron, and vitamin A. If you are confused about how to process spinach so that it can be eaten, maybe you can try making it into a smoothie.


8. Cheese

One food that is a high source of calcium is cheese. Made from milk, cheese is an option for those who have problems with lactose. Even though cheese has calcium content, it doesn’t mean you can consume cheese excessively. Because cheese has a high fat content too.

To meet calcium needs per day, you only need to consume about 42 grams of cheese. Doing that, you are already getting 30% calcium per day. If you eat too much cheese, chances are that you will gain weight. Apart from calcium, cheese also contains vitamin D, but the amount is quite small. Maybe you can look for additional vitamin D from other food sources.

9. Yogurt

Not only cheese, but yogurt which is currently popular can also be one of the foods solution that can improve bones health and strong. Usually people who can’t consume milk will switch it to other foods. One of them is this yogurt. Yogurt is high in vitamin D and calcium.

One cup of yogurt contains about 30% calcium and 20% vitamin D which should be consumed in one day. Where vitamin D and calcium are 2 important nutrients needed by bones. If in the past there was only one flavor of yogurt, now there are many kinds of flavors that you can choose from. If you are afraid of gaining weight, you can choose non-fat yogurt.

10. Eggs

Egg - foods that make bones strong


Eggs are a super food that must be on your diet. Whether it’s at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or it could be a healthy snack. Eggs are rich in fat, calcium and protein. These three nutrients are essential nutrients for bones.

Maybe the part is a bit tricky is the egg yolk. The egg yolk has a fairly high calorie and fat. Consuming too much yellow part can result in weight gain. For the white part, you are free to consume how much. Maybe you can use a 1: 3 ratio. For every 3 egg whites, you use 1 egg yolk. To process it you can have it fried, boiled, or made into juice.