10 Best Foods to Improve Digestion Naturally

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foods to improve digestion

A good digestive plays a crucial role in your health. Especially, if you realise that you like to consume unhealthy foods on daily basis. Yes, it is time to consume some foods that can improve your digestion.

Not only those who has unhealthy lifestyle. Even those healthy people also faced a digestion problem when it come to lack of fiber and probiotic in their diet.

So, check out below 10 best foods to improve digestion:

1. Fish Oil

The benefits of fish oil have often been discussed by many people. From those that can nourish the heart to digestion, it can also be healthier. Problems like heartburn, gas bloating, and bowel movements, common problems like this can be resolved by consuming fish oil.

You just need to find fish that are easy to find such as salmon, tuna and mackerel. The processing method depends on your taste, it can be boiled or fried. If it is not possible to eat fish, you can find a solution with supplements. Now there are many supplements that contain fish oil in it.


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2. Yogurt

There are so many foods that can be processed from milk, one of which is yogurt. In recent years, yogurt is on the rise. This is evident from the emergence of many restaurants and cafes that serve yogurt menus.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from consuming yogurt. Yogurt is also included in foods that are processed by fermentation and can improve digestion. It contains acids and good bacteria which are good for digestion.

Probiotic is the name of the good bacteria that live in our digestion. Its function is clear, namely to improve and nourish digestion. Makes us avoid digestive problems such as flatulence, constipation, and diarrhea.

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3. Turmeric

Turmeric is included in a class of spices commonly found in Southeast Asia. Not only it can be used as a kitchen spice, turmeric can also be an alternative medicine from nature. The benefits are clear, one of it is to facilitate the digestive process.

One of the elements contained in turmeric is called curcumin. This curcumin can protect digestion and is very friendly to bacteria in digestion. Prevents various kinds of digestive problems and constipation. Turmeric is also great for preventing inflammation and cancer.


4. Fermented Food

Want to have healthy digestion? So be diligent about consuming foods that are processed by fermentation. Fermentation is the process of producing energy in cells when it is anaerobic.

Usually the material used for fermentation is yeast. And there are tons of fermented foods that we can find. Some fermented food products such as yogurt, kombucha, kefir, and tempeh.

Foods that are processed by fermentation contain a lot of probiotics. Where this probiotic can help improve digestion and reduce digestive problems such as diarrhea, bloating, and others. These fermented foods can also increase body immunity. Where the body’s immunity is needed in this pandemic.

5. Grains Foods

This grain food product is claimed to provide many benefits to human’s body health especially in improve digestion. Some examples of grains include oats, quinoa, and products made from whole grains.

Even though what we hear most often is, foods made from whole grains are only consumed by those who want to lose weight.


6. Ginger

In the medical world, ginger is often used as a medicine. Some health problems such as hangovers and digestion can be solved with ginger. Even the morning sickness problem that is commonly experienced by pregnant women can also be eliminated by this ginger.

The benefits of ginger to improve digestion can be seen from its effect which can speed up gastric emptying. Food from the stomach is immediately transferred from the stomach to the small intestine faster than usual. Ginger can also reduce the risk of heartburn, vomiting, and discomfort. You can consume ginger by mixing it in food or drinking ginger tea.

7. Apple

Fruits have a million health benefits. And one good fruits as foods to improve digestion is apple. Apples are very high in pectin and fiber.

You need to know that this pectin can make your digestion healthy. Pectin can be easily broken down by bacteria present in the intestines. Makes digestion smooth, keeps you away from constipation, diarrhea, intestinal infections, and inflammation. Another benefit, apples can help you lose weight.

8. Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables - foods to improve digestion


Many people do not avoid green vegetables because of their unattractive coloUr and taste. In fact, one of the advantages of vegetables is that they are rich in fiber.

This fiber is needed by the body to facilitate digestion. Those of you who have problems with constipation can be solved by eating vegetables.

9. Papaya

Papaya is also one of the foods that is good to improve digestion. For those who have digestive problems, it can be helped by good bacteria from foods such as yogurt and also a number of enzymes.

In papaya, there is one enzyme that is proven to be good for healthy digestion, namely papain. This papain can help speed up the process of breaking down protein and fiber. In terms of protein and fiber it takes extra time and effort to process so that it can make the stomach uncomfortable.

Just cut the skin, remove the seeds, wash it, and you can consume it immediately.


10. Kefir

For those who have never heard of kefir, it is a drink made from milk. Processed by fermentation from the Caucasus region. Kefir grains are put into cow, goat, or sheep milk. Because it is included in fermented foods, this kefir can also be drunk to facilitate digestion.

Kefir contains bacteria called probiotics. These bacteria can also be found in other dairy foods such as yogurt. This probiotic helps relieve several digestive problems such as flatulence, cramps, and constipation. If you have problems with milk, this kefir milk is safe for consumption for those of you who are allergic to lactose.