10 Unconscious Habits That Can Damage Your Eyes

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habits that can damage your eyes

While taking care of their health, people tend to forget to pay special attention to their eyes. Meanwhile, eyes is one of the sense that is crucial in human’s life. In fact, there are a number of habits that can actually damage your eyes health.

Starting from playing gadget in the dark, wiping eyes with hands, and using excessive make up, here are 10 unconscious habits that can damage your eyes!

1. Staring at Gadget Screen in The Dark

One of the most common habits that can damage eyes is staring at gadget screen in the dark.

When staring at a television or computer screen in a dark room, the light changes very quickly. This makes the eye have to adapt harder to adapt. Because of the extra work done by the eye, it makes the eyes tired more quickly and makes the head hurt.

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2. Not Removing Contact Lenses

Do you know that there are some side effects from using these contact lenses? Many people often forget to remove contact lenses when they are back to their home or when they want to sleep.


Too long using contact lenses can actually cause eye infections. If left untreated it can cause permanent damage.

3. Excessive Usage of Eye Drops

The possibility of an external object getting into the eye is always there. When any external object gets into the eye, for example dust, it can make the eyes dry, itchy, red, and irritated. Instead of scratching with your hands, people usually use eye medication.

Medicine, should be used only as needed. Use eye medication is necessary. If there is dust in the eyes, dry, red, and irritated eyes, then use these eye drops. Excessive usage of eye drops can actually cause eye irritation. Make sure you use eye drops with the sufficient portion or with a doctor’s guide.

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4. Staring at Gadget Screen For Too Long

Certain habits such as working, playing games, or watching movies can make us stare at the computer for a long time and it actually can damage eyes gradually. Keep in mind that staring at a television, computer, or other bright light can make your eyes tired.

You may stare at a television or computer screen for a long time, but keep in mind that your eyes need to rest. When we stare at a television or computer screen, our eyes rarely blink because they are too concentrated on what is in front of our eyes.


As a result, the eyes will quickly dry, red, and itch. Rest your eyes from the screen for a few minutes before returning to work again.

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5. Excessive Usage of Make Up

If you like to use make up are at least starting to pay attention to the use of makeup. When to start makeup and when to remove it. Because if you take this for granted, the danger can be unpredictable.

Using excessive makeup effects to the point of forgetting to clean them can harm health. Especially if you apply makeup around the eyes. Use of makeup near the eyes such as eyeliner or mascara can close the oil glands which can make bacteria thrive.

It is recommended not to forget to replace mascara and other makeup regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria that can cause infection.

6. An Unbalanced Diet

Consuming unbalanced foods can also make health worse. The eyes also need nutrients that are obtained from a healthy diet. An unbalanced diet such as eating fast food can not only make you gain weight, but your eyes are also affected.


Eyes need nutrients such as vitamins C, A, E, omega 3 fats, and zinc. These nutrients can only be obtained from a healthy diet or pattern. Eat green vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, and fruit. Drinking water also helps with eye health. If you don’t drink enough water, your eyes will find it difficult to produce tears, which are useful for keeping your eyes wet.

7. Do Not Use Protection

In some activities, wearing special glasses is highly recommended. This is done in order to protect the eyes from foreign objects that might injure the eyes if they enter. What kind of goggles should be used? If it depends on what activities you do and how often you do it.

Take construction workers for example, they need protective glasses that can protect their eyes from dust, sand, or sharp objects. If you swim, also wear appropriate goggles. Even simple activities like cycling should also use glasses that can reflect ultraviolet rays.

8. Lack of Sleep

It turns out that not getting enough rest can have a bigger impact than you think. It’s clear that lack of sleep can make a person tired and a messy mood, but it turns out that lack of sleep can also have negative effects on eye health. Try not to sleep enough, you will definitely feel bad in the eyes, right?

The effects of sleep deprivation on the eyes for each person can vary considerably. Some can experience black eye bags, itchy, red, and irritated eyes. If you have seen these signs, be sure to get enough of your sleep needs. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and get rid of anything that can interfere with sleep time.


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9. Wiping Eyes With Hands

It is not uncommon for the eyes to feel itchy or sore. Itchy or sore eyes can be caused by many things. It could be due to motor vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, and also dust. When we feel uncomfortable, we will automatically rub or scratch our eyes with our hands so that the itching or burning sensation goes away. Even though the discomfort can disappear, this can actually interfere with eye health.

By rubbing or scratching your eyes with your hands, you will exert pressure that is actually not acceptable to your eyes. Not to mention that the hand condition is not necessarily clean. Allows the eye to enter other foreign objects. The solution is to rinse the eyes using clean water instead of using your hands to scratch.

10. Smoking

Who says smoking can only have bad effects on lung health? In fact, many health problems can be caused by this bad habit. One of them is the decreased ability of our vision due to excessive exposure to cigarette smoke. Even if you are a passive smoker, if you are often exposed to cigarette smoke, it can also be affected.

Smoking can damage the eyes and also make coolies age prematurely. The skin around the eyes can become wrinkled. Not to mention about the cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoke can increase your chances of developing cataracts, damaged blood vessels, uveitis, and loss of vision.

Therefore, try to quit smoking. Not only for your own health but also for the health of loved ones around you.


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