Here’s Why You’ve Been Drinking Water Wrong And How To Do It The Right Way

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benefits of drinking warm water

Your body needs water to survive. The average human can survive just three days without water, that’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated. Water facilitates the transfer of signals through your body, allowing your brain to control the various organs and muscles. Being hydrated means you have a clear mind and can focus on the task at hand.

However, you may not have realized that there is a right and a wrong way to drink water. You’ve probably been doing it wrong without realizing it.

How You’re Drinking Wrong

You probably reach for the water when you’re thirsty and drink a big glass in one go to compensate for your thirst. You may even be avoiding caffeine for fear of dehydration or spending too much time thinking about your water consumption.

The truth is that it’s very easy to drink water the right way, you simply need to follow these tips.

Make It Easy

The first step is to invest in water dispensers, these make it easy to access clean and fresh water at all times of the day. Best of all, because the dispenser is always easy to get to, you’ll automatically find yourself drinking more of it.


It’s a great way to build a habit of drinking water.

Start With A Glass Of Water

The first thing you should do in the morning is to drink a glass of room temperature water. You don’t need to guzzle it but start the day as you mean to go on. Your body has been resting and that means your muscles are relaxed. If you eat first then the muscles are effectively startled, increasing the risk of cramps and other intestinal issues.

But, drink water first and your muscles can adjust naturally, ready for a new day.

Room Temperature Is Best

There is nothing like a glass of ice-cold water on a warm day. However, cold water shocks your body and can cause your body to be confused. That’s why it’s better to opt for room temperature water.

Sip It

The secret to drinking water is to sip it. You want to take a mouthful of water, swish it around your mouth, and then gradually let it down to your stomach. This reduces acidity in the mouth, helping to protect your teeth. It also carries some of your saliva reach the stomach. As saliva is alkaline it can help to reduce the acidity of your stomach and lower the risk of heartburn.


Don’t Drink A Large Glass Before Eating

It’s often the case that you feel hungry when you are actually thirsty. That’s why experts tell you to drink a glass of water if you feel hungry, then wait to see if you are still hungry or not.

You don’t need to drink a large glass, a small one will suffice. This, and avoiding the habit of drinking water before you eat, will help to prevent your stomach from having too much water. It reduces appetite but it also reduces acidity and makes it harder for the stomach to digest food.