House Chores You Should Do Before Leaving for a Long Trip

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While you are preparing for your vacation and triple-checking your bags, you should prep your house for your absence, too. Just doing some small activities beforehand may make a lot of difference when you return from your trip, from tossing out soon-to-expire foodstuffs to ensuring everything here is secure and safe. You may also want to polish your marble surfaces at your house so you won’t have any problems when you get back. If that makes you feel good and safe, you can visit for more info.

Furthermore, this article lists eight chores you must complete all around the house before departing on your next trip.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Try taking a look inside your fridge while you are there. Anything that could rot when you are gone should be frozen, eaten, or thrown away. This one is rather self-explanatory. Nobody likes to come home to a refrigerator full of spoiled, nasty goods.

Check Your Laundry

While quickly preparing and house cleaning, it’s easy to overlook the important points. For example, the final bunch of laundry you neglected to toss in the dryer.

Keep a look at the washing before you go. Coming back home to a heavy load of stinky laundry that has been sitting for a week or more is much less desirable.


Check Your Plugged Electronics

As you depart, make doubly sure to disconnect any gadgets that do not require electricity, even when you are away. This will not only save you money on your electricity bill, but it will also reduce the chance of an accidental fire. Unplug devices such as routers, TVs, laptops, and chargers.

Clean Up a Little

After a wonderful, peaceful trip, the last thing you will want to come back home to is dust. You may not need to thoroughly clean anything before leaving. However, coming through the doorway of a messy house after just a busy day of travel can shake you out of your relaxed state.

However, tidying your house before going on a trip isn’t simply for your personal happiness. It’s also to keep things from going wrong, like flies swarming over when you are away. Clean the sinks and bathrooms, vacuum, and discard or consume any fruit that is left out.

Set Your Thermostat

Changing the thermostats to away mode is another option to save power while on a trip. Many contemporary thermostats, particularly smart versions, include a function that will modify the temperature configuration when you are not at the house. It will increase the temperature for chilling in the summertime and drop the temperature for winter heating.

Just be prepared to wait for the house to cool down to a suitable temperature once you come back home. However, if you have a smart thermostat device, you may turn off the away mode several hours earlier before you return home and stroll into a nicely chilled or warmed household.


Take the Garbage and Trash Out

To be accurate, cleaning includes putting out the garbage. But, if you clear out your fridge, it’s worth saying that you must always take out all the rubbish before leaving. If you wouldn’t, you risk arriving home to a smorgasbord of foul odors and vermin.

Take A Look at Your Doors and Windows

Consider all the probable entrance points to your house right as you go. Check that no rarely used windows or doors are left unsecured or broken open. It’s easy to overlook that infrequently used side door that is usually the primary spot a would-be burglar would look.

Place Lights on Smart Timers

Setting timers for lights throughout your property is a simple way to dissuade break-ins. You may accomplish this in an old-fashioned manner by using analog circuit timers. However, if you would like to improve the impact, utilize smart lighting. Perhaps you’ll be able to manage the lights remotely, but you will also be able to set them to a different cycle each day while you are away to better imitate somebody being home.

You may also go a step farther and put your whole smart home into holiday mode. Put a TV or radio on a routine, for example, using a smart plug. Not only would you really have lights on a timer, but you could also keep the TV on for several hours at night to make it even more believable.