How do you use Google Images for Ecommerce Stores?

2 mins read

Are you searching for Google Images? Be very clear with the images you search for an eCommerce store. No doubt, your eCommerce store means a lot for every entrepreneur, as it is the reason behind generating sales and boosting profit. How can one ignore the bread and butter? Internet users always search for images in different scenarios, whereas the Google image search technique has become common these days. 

Every internet user prefers to search online and Google is the most suitable option. People love to search for visual content, as it is more in demand in the present time. More than 70% of users like to explore visual content including eCommerce specialists. The ultimate purpose is to increase traffic on the web and images play an essential role in driving traffic. It is impossible to generate leads without images. Google has done partnership with Getty Images.

Now you can use a lot of quality images for running online stores through Google. Earlier, it was not the scene. Today, every individual who wants to create a brand can use attractive images from Google. It can improve display options to a great extent. If we talk about the recent change done by Google, we see the visit button has been replaced with a view button that takes a user to the website where the actual image is present.

A user may observe so many changes that go in his/her favor when searching on Google. Image searching has always been in trend, as it is the process of finding pictures in portrait and landscape formats. Many designers get high-quality product images from search engines. Hence, many owners get advantages from these sources.

How to look for Google images for an eCommerce store?

There are so many ways to find images on the web, whereas the best is to follow instructions before you copy and download the image from any source. Here are the tips you should follow!


Use Unique and Professional Images that Define the Products

If you are conscious about your eCommerce store and want to attract potential visitors, you must choose fine-quality images that are unique and professional. Make sure, you find unique photos that define your products well. Professional images can drive more traffic to your store, as these images can stand out for your products. In this way, you get a chance to set up the base for brand development.

Every entrepreneur wants to develop a brand by choosing attractive photos for the store. Stock images also work for establishing a brand, but make sure you find free photos that are not licensed. You can represent your brand in a good way with the help of stock images. It’s a way to keep a check on your competitors when you launch the product. Here are some more points to consider for using your product images!

Use multiple shots

The best technique to manage product images is to get multiple shots. Don’t put any limit on your research; even change the style of the shot when using the photos for your use. The use of photos works great when you take multiple shots to target your audience, as it brings more style to your pictures. Detail shots work for your target market, as they find attraction in such shots whether micro or macro. Make sure, it meets your targets.

Avoid using original images

Never use the images of manufacturers. Always avoid using original images, as it can put you in trouble. Make sure, you use duplicate images that are not genuine and have copyright issues. Free Google images keep you relaxed when you don’t face any sort of issue. But you can’t download paid versions of photos. The best is to use free photos to manage to sell.

Use SEO tricks when using images

If you fail to find free images following the Google search process, you can try search engine optimization tactics to drive results. It is the best practice that can meet your needs. SEO helps you drive logical results whenever you hunt for images for your eCommerce store. You always find unique results whenever you follow SEO practices. Google images can also be used following this practice!