How to Build Your Self Confidence

2 mins read

Have you always suffered from a lack of self-confidence? Do you look at others and wish you were as full of confidence as they are? With some helpful tactics, there is hope for you.

Self-confidence has a knock-on effect on how we go about our daily lives. Those who are filled with confidence often can take on new challenges and leap out of their comfort zone, while those who lack it are often caged by their negative thought process. While there is no quick fix to building confidence, it’s important to realize that it is a step-by-step process that can be built on with the correct strategies, so you can live a more confident lifestyle.

Here are some top tips for confidence-building:

Book a Photoshoot

If one of your many challenges is overcoming a lack of confidence in your appearance, then booking boudoir photoshoots could be the way forward. With beauty standards flooding the media and overhauling our perceptions of what authentic beauty looks like, sometimes, you need to take a step back and learn to appreciate yourself for who you truly are. A photoshoot is a moment in time where you’re allowing yourself to reject any potential judgment from others and feel more in tune with the body and mind. The photos from the day may also evoke a sense of pride in this achievement that you can look back on for years to come.

Accept Your Imperfections

Striving to achieve perfection is not a realistic concept. While we’re constantly bombarded with concepts of perfection in the media, it is not something to strive for – especially as most images are edited for publication. Attempting to conceal imperfections is a sign of self-doubt, as opposed to embracing them as part of your identity. Therefore, it’s important to accept that we all have imperfections.


Use Positive Affirmations

Are you guilty of constantly talking yourself down? In time, these negative beliefs will begin to obstruct your personal growth. If you keep telling yourself that you’ll fail and that you cannot achieve something, you’ll start to truly believe it. Replace these negative statements with positive affirmations as a method of changing your mindset. Some ideas include:

  • ‘I am worthy’
  • ‘I am capable’
  • ‘I am a great friend’

Positive affirmations may take a while to get used to. After all, you may not be familiar with paying yourself compliments. However, reading them every day will enforce upbeat thoughts as opposed to negative ones.

Re-Evaluate Your Relationships

It can be difficult to maintain high self-confidence when you surround yourself with individuals who don’t respect your boundaries. Are you constantly trying to please others? Do you often feel as though they are taking you for granted? While you may be concerned about upsetting others, sometimes, putting yourself first is more important. Cutting off ties is a positive move you can make for your confidence. In doing so, you can concentrate your efforts on individuals who respect you and have your best interests at heart.