How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Wisconsin

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Medical marijuana is becoming one of the most widely preferred prescriptions in America. The plant’s high effectiveness, minimal side effects, and multi-beneficial properties leave little to be desired.

Unfortunately, medical marijuana is only accessible to marijuana cardholders, and to get a card, you must be seen by a medical marijuana doctor.

Having a cannabis provider that meets your needs is essential to receiving the best care possible because they do more than hand out cards. These doctors dive into your physical and psychological history and personal life to determine which strains and products would be best for your conditions.

Keep reading to learn how to find a marijuana doctor in Wisconsin that meets your needs.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Nobody knows you better than your friends and family so if you are looking for a medical marijuana doctor, try asking your loved ones if they have any recommendations that might be a good fit.


When looking for recommendations, find out what your friends like or dislike about their current doctor and their experiences with former doctors. With this info, you can start to form a list of which providers to consider and which to avoid.

Talk To Your Doctor

Although your friends and family know you on a personal level, your primary caregiver knows what you need on a medical level.

Let your doctor know that you are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card and would like recommendations and a referral for a medical marijuana doctor. Your doctor will use your medical history and personal preferences to determine which doctors might work for you.

Since primary care providers often work with patients using marijuana, they usually know which doctors in the area are the best.

Consult With Local Dispensary Employees

Loved ones and your primary care provider might know you best, but dispensary employees know the medical marijuana doctors best.


Since a marijuana card is required in Wisconsin, your local dispensary will have the same customer base as the marijuana doctors, and chances are pretty high that their customers will come into the shop ranting or raving about their provider. If the dispensary employees have a good memory or hear a doctor’s name enough times, they will know exactly who to suggest or avoid, so talking to a budtender might be one of the best ways to find a doctor.

If you don’t have a dispensary nearby, try a local head shop. Head shop employees don’t sell marijuana, but they sell smoking paraphernalia, so they also converse with many individuals that see marijuana doctors.

Search Online

When you have a question, the internet can usually provide an answer.

You can find a Wisconsin medical marijuana doctor online through a quick google search. The results should show the location and contact information of all marijuana doctors in your area.

Searching online is a great way to find a doctor because you have easy access to patient testimonials, prices, insurance information, and other factors that play a part in the selection process.


Join Your Local Community Facebook Group

Nearly every city has one or more community groups where residents ask questions, share news, and get to know each other.

Your local Facebook group is a great place to ask for medical marijuana doctor recommendations. In the group, you will receive tons of advice and many stories from your neighbors about which doctors they loved and were unsatisfied with.

If you do not have a Facebook profile, try Reddit, another great social site with community groups and is the leading site for asking and answering questions.

Do Your Due Diligence

Once you compile a list of doctors you might be interested in seeing, you must do some research to determine whether or not they are a good fit.

To do your due diligence, do the following:


  • Look at Reviews and ratings
  • Verify Doctor Credentials
  • Check their location
  • Call to confirm they take your insurance
  • Ensure they are accepting new customers

With this information, you can narrow your options and easily find a medical marijuana doctor that meets your needs.


Finding a medical marijuana doctor can be grueling, especially in a state like Wisconsin, which has been anti-cannabis for so long.

However, there are ways to simplify your search, such as asking friends, family, dispensary staff, and your doctor for recommendations, searching online, and doing some research.