Inspiration When Completely Redesigning Your Backyard & Garden

2 mins read

Summer is the time to get out there in your backyard and clear out the guttering, check for holes in the hose pipe, rescue your flowers, and to generally titivate your entire garden.

If, however, you’re instead looking to do an entire overhaul of your backyard and garden spaces, then you have come to the right place and here are some ideas and inspiration to help you on your way.

Border Experimentation

Borders are, essentially, the primary way that you can turn a plain, grassy lawn into a proper garden, and instead of sticking to the tried-and-tested formula of a row of similarly colored flowers around the perimeter, it’s time to experiment.

Use the space to maximize the size of your newly designed garden and instead of following the outer lines of the area, instead look to work in borders with the center of the garden instead.

Create a Private Seating Area

There’s nothing more relaxing than settling back in a comfortable garden chair of a summer’s evening, with a good book and a glass of wine and feeling as if you’re entirely on your own in a peaceful haven.


For this to become a reality, you should concentrate on designing and creating a secluded and entirely private seating area at the far end of the garden, using climbing plants across trellises to block out the view from the house and any neighbors.

Introduce Decking

For those people who are looking to create a space for entertaining, especially in the summer months and consider themselves to be more than competent with a barbecue fork, the installation of a decked area is a fantastic idea.

There are numerous benefits to decking, including the following:

  • A huge boost to the aesthetic quality of the space
  • Minimal and simple maintenance requirements
  • Sustainable materials contributing to an eco-friendly backyard
  • A durable and long-lasting option

Contact prestigious and established fence and deck builders in St. Louis to receive a personalized quote from expert builders and landscapers who will make your vision become a reality. You could either choose to install the new decking yourself, or indeed have them come and install it for you.

Add Natural Sounds

There’s nothing more beautiful than light and tuneful bird song (unless of course, you’re the owner or a beloved yet noisy budgie) and there are many ways to inject this sound to mingle in with the real birds that visit your backyard.


Water fountains and features are also a great way to make sitting and enjoying your garden more of a sensory experience and the splashing and tricking is also incredibly therapeutic. In addition, the reflective quality of water features, especially if you design the water area with carefully placed garden mirrors in and around the feature will also add an extra element to the new design.

For tech-lovers, you could even plan to introduce speakers that are solar-powered and built into the rockery, flower beds, or indeed anywhere else in the garden.