9 Reasons Why Laughing is Good For You

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laughing is good for you

Have you ever wondering if there is any benefits from laughing? This simple thing that turned out to have so many benefits for us starting from increase your body immunity, slow down your ageing, and improve your breath.

Not only for health, but it can also have positive effect in term of socializing. Curious why? Here are 10 reasons why laughing is good for you!

1. Reduces Pain

There are many kinds of pain, such as injury, disease, or maybe heart broken. And with a little laugh, it can make a person forget that they’re currently experiencing pain.

There is one hormone that can help reduce pain and relieve stress. The hormone in question is an endorphin. Laughing can trigger more endorphin production in the body. Endorphin hormones can cause feelings of relaxation and calmness. Just like the effect provided by morphine.

2. Healthy Heart

Laughter is very necessary to get a healthy heart as it turns out to be as good as exercise. People who laugh regularly will have lower blood pressure than those who laugh less.


When someone sees something funny and laughs, the first reaction that occurs in the heart is to increase blood pressure. But after that it will drop to below normal. In fact, researchers revealed that 15 minutes of laughter per day has the same effect as 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week.

3. Slow Down Ageing

Who doesn’t want to have a long life? With a long life, we have time to do what we want and achieve dreams that are still unfulfilled. That’s why many people are trying to be able to increase their longevity. At least if you don’t get older, you can stay young more or less like that.

And one way to live a long life is to laugh. Of course it’s not difficult not to laugh at least once a day. From the results of research that has been published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, those who laugh a lot have a longer life than those who tend to be gloomy and pessimistic. Approximately 55% of participants aged 65-85 years had a lower risk of dying than those who were often gloomy.

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4. Lose Weight

Nowadays, where many netizens are quicker to give scathing comments than thinking about one’s physical form, people can feel inferior to their own bodies. As a result, many people put in extra effort to lose or gain weight.

Is exercise and diet the only way to achieve the desired weight? Nope! As it turns out, laughter has the same effect as exercise. Laughter burns more calories. The more calories you burn, the faster you will lose weight. Laughter can make your heart beat faster and speed up your metabolism. Watching a comedy film for an hour or more is perfectly acceptable.


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5. Improve Breathing

There are also many ways that can be done to facilitate breathing. One of them that is simple is to laugh.

Laugh regularly because laughing can empty your lungs and inhale large amounts of air. This is also known as the cleansing effect. This is more or less like taking a deep breath. Those with respiratory problems such as asthma can be helped by this.

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6. Reduce Stress

Many things can make people feel stressed. Piling work, college assignments, school, and family problems can make people stressful. Even now there is a pandemic that makes it difficult for people to carry out normal activities. Increasingly tolerated, stress can disturb the mind and people who cannot stand it can end up committing suicide.

In order not to dissolve in stress, it is important for us to find a solution. Laughter is one solution to relieve or at least reduce stress. Laughter has been shown to help stressed people calm down. In a study released in Geriatrics and Gerontology International, laughter therapy was able to reduce the level of depression experienced by parents.

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7. Relaxation

The hormone cortisol is a hormone that appears in a person’s reaction to stress. The more stressed a person is, the higher the cortisol hormone produced. And this is not a good thing for the body. Stress can make a person grumpy, uncomfortable, tense, and so on.


One of the things that can make the mind calmer is the hormone endorphins. Endorphin hormones can be obtained when someone does fun things like exercise and laughs. Endorphin hormones can fight the hormone cortisol, make stress disappear and make the mind and body relax.

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8. Increase Immunity

It is important for us to increase and maintain our immunity. Because if not, then we will be susceptible to disease and viruses. Sport is one of the activities most often recommended to increase endurance. Not many people know that laughter is also good for increasing endurance.

Scientists have found something where laughter can actually increase the production of T antibodies. This antibody plays an important role in making the body more immune from coughs, colds, and fevers. So don’t think laughter is just the usual reaction that comes when you feel that something is funny.

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9. Spread Positivity

Laughter is like a virus, very contagious. Don’t you agree?

Just try it when you hang out with friends and one of your friends laughs. It wasn’t long before someone was laughing too. Like someone’s reflex in responding to something.


By laughing, it will create a positive atmosphere in the friendship environment. A bad mood can turn into a good one.

If one of your friends is under stress, laughing can help relieve or reduce his stress level. Therefore, be smart in looking for a friendship environment. The right environment of friends can lead you in a positive direction.

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