Life Hacks to Help Save You Money

2 mins read

It might not be an exaggeration to say that many people are in a pinch at the moment. With bills rocketing sky-high, food prices increasing at an alarming rate, and everything else inflating to match, bank accounts are sure to be draining faster than in previous years.

When you are in this position and are already working the maximum hours you can cope, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by finances,  and trying to save money can feel next to impossible.

However, with that in mind, discover some life hacks that could help you save money immediately or in the long run, which could be of use to you.

Utilize Coupons

Coupons can be a great way to save money on things that you would otherwise pay full price for or on things that you might want to occasionally treat yourself to. If you can spend that extra bit of time collecting them and sorting them out, you might be surprised what you can save day to day. The only downside is you have to be careful not to buy things that you wouldn’t usually buy because you have a coupon offer – this is a surefire way to spend more money than you would usually!

Go Green

Using reusable items in place of single-use items will almost always be more beneficial to the environment and to your wallet. Instead of paying 2 or 3 dollars for a bottle of water, you can use a reusable water bottle (with an inbuilt filter if you need it) and fill it up at most restaurants/coffee shops for free! If you buy around 4 bottles of water a day on average, that’s a saving of around $8-12 dollars, which will quickly add up. The same goes for plastic bags, as some states have banned them. You will often need something to carry your things, so making sure you have a reusable bag on hand can help prevent you from having to purchase other items to help move your stuff.


Bigger green swaps, like solar panels, can be a cost upfront but will pay for itself in the long run and allow you to have cheaper bills in the meantime. Check to see if you are entitled to any solar funding opportunities, and contact a Tucson solar company – – for more information.

Find a Balance Transfer

Nothing says wasted money like paying interest, and it can be painful to see your hard-earned cash essentially be used because you didn’t have enough money for something in the first place. If you are in this position, as many people are, it is worth looking to see if a balance transfer is available. This can give you a fresh start with your debt with offers of lower to 0% APR and other benefits to help you save your money. Talk with a money advisor about this to get started. They may be able to offer more advice for what you should be doing to save even more money.