Minimalist Boho: How to Incorporate Polar Opposites and Make Them Work

3 mins read

Most people have heard of minimalism in 2022 as the style has become increasingly popular over the last few years. But what is it about this style that’s so trendy?

Many people who’ve adopted the minimalist approach to living look at a surplus of possessions as a hindrance to living a full life. And this philosophy might clash with other lifestyles, particularly with a contemporary Bohemian lifestyle as this lends itself to unconventional and often artistic extravagance.

But for the minimalist who also wants to incorporate the intrigue of Boho design, how does one blend the two together?

You might be surprised to learn that minimalism and Boho-chic are both complementary styles. And while the two may seem like polar opposites, it’s often those opposites which create the most unique forms of contrast.

Here, we’ll explore how to make Boho-chic and minimalism come together.


Stylistic Elements

While a minimalist style is known for sleek edges, making small spaces appear large by utilizing emptiness, allowing furniture to “breathe” and the like, the Boho style is much busier. And at first glance, you might not really know how to turn both into a cohesive style all its own. But this is all about the elements you choose to incorporate.

For example, the following offer a few design elements to consider when attempting to meet in the middle with minimalism and Boho-chic:

  • Rattan
  • Wicker
  • Raw wood
  • Pampas grass
  • Macrame
  • Wall tapestries

Though these are just a few of the design elements you can consider. The overall idea is to use natural elements that are conducive for both lifestyles–that aren’t loud in appearance and present a subtle and soft effect.

Working with Color Palettes

Again, both the Boho-chic and minimalist lifestyles lend themselves to differing expressions of colors. And with minimalist styles incorporating mostly neutral and muted colors this can present a problem when also working with the colorful elements of Boho-chic.

But the best part here is that a neutral or muted base color will help to create a beautiful contrast with popular Boho color patterns.


For example, when working with color palettes, if you want to incorporate both styles, it’s best to choose only one louder color pattern and have it placed throughout your space along a neutral base.

You may even prefer to use a large colorful rug as the focal point of the room, with adding accent points of matching color in the corners of the home. This, contrasted with muted color, will provide for a bit of warmth to be added to a minimalist space.

Choosing Artwork

If you know anything about Bohemian lifestyles then you’re probably aware that being an artisan of some sort was often an integral part of this lifestyle. In fact, those such as Andy Warhol, Amedeo Modigliani and Ansel Adams were all popular artists who lived eccentric lifestyles.

But you don’t necessarily have to go Jackson Pollock on your space if you’re looking for a splash of design.

Choosing artwork from a minimalist perspective can be quite a fun experience. In fact, basic line drawings that utilize empty or negative space can offer a minimalist perspective while also complementing the intrigue that Boho-chic is famous for.


You may also want to make your own minimalist artwork and have it mounted within simple, sleek frames and place it throughout your home. By using this method, you can add a uniquely personal touch to your space.

Adding Natural Elements

Contrary to popular belief, minimalist spaces aren’t all cold and lifeless. In fact, a splash of natural color in subtle forms can also add an element of minimalism when incorporated properly.

If you’re looking to blend the Boho chic love for natural elements together with a minimalist approach, using plants can bring in a bit of life to your space.

Often referred to as an element of biophilic design, strategically placing a potted floor plant or two to add color to areas of a room is popular with both minimalist and Boho chic styles. For example, where minimalism is concerned, a floor plant can accent edges and serve as stand-alone areas of color.

If you’re a minimalist but you also love the idea of Boho chic. Or if you’re living a Bohemian lifestyle and you’re trying to remove clutter from your life, blending these two styles together offers you the ability to enjoy both ways of living while not sacrificing in the way of style by any means.