Productive Hobbies That Will Completely Change Your Life

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Productive Hobbies That Will Completely Change Your Life

Having at least one hobby is essential in order to get rid of boredom and reduce the stress level. As there are tons of hobbies lists, not all of them are useful and good for self development.

How Important to Choose The “Correct” Hobbies?

It is fine if you wish to have hobby that you really love. It might help to relieve stress from your bad day. However, if you aimed for a better life, you should consider to pick your hobbies wisely.

Here are 3 criteria of hobbies that could completely change your life if you do it consistently.

1. One that Keep You Fit and In Shape

In this world full of technology and much innovation, many of our daily tasks could be automated and this makes us even lazier to move around.


Kids long ago used to play and run outside, hobbies which require more body movements equivalent to some form of exercise unintentionally. However, in this modern era, our form of entertainment had evolved to be more indoor and making us a society of couch potato.

We should not forget that we need to maintain daily hobbies which could maintain our body’s shape. Being healthy is not being skinny to look good, being healthy is maintaining our body at optimum weight and shape, having a balance of nutrients, water content and good blood circulation.

With many automated techno’s these days, we shall start cultivating hobbies which involve more body movement and blood flow.

Start cultivating more exercise, shake off your habit of sitting too long munching on those junk food.

Do you know how it feels to just look good in anything you wear, this dream could be yours if you love taking care of your body.


Having less fuss early in the mornings before heading to work is getting the right outfit of the day easily picked from your wardrobe. So guys and girls, pick your hobbies wisely, it’s a HABBIT!

As we know, getting active, hitting the gym is always a good and simple start for our day or even at the end of the day. It’s your choice every single precious day, make a healthier choice within your control of how you want to shape your life to be.

  • Yoga
  • Take a run at the Park
  • Walk your Dog
  • Organize Sports games with your buddies ( basketball, badminton, futsal, dodgeball)
  • Swimming is fun!

2. One That Enhance Your Creativity

Your college degree is just part of your life journey. Be aware that life is full of adventures and creativity. We also need to enhance our brain’s creativity. Having a creative mindset, being open to it and enhancing it adds in more colors and joy in our life.

Being creative, you can try these.

  1. Woodcarving classes

There are courses we can join to learn this traditional skill. We could walk down to memory lane to hear stories from the older folks and history of the making of these cultures.


Basically, there are four stages in wood carving. First the design being traced, second when the design is transferred to the object. Next when the unwanted parts are cut out. The last stage would be the actual carving shaping to whatever you wanted. Sounds interesting?

Start googling some courses online and participate, get this in your bucket list in life! It is never too late to do something different.

  1. Learn some Origami

Have your heard of this hobby?  I’m sure you do! It’s pretty popular when I was a kid in school. We used to make this colorful paper jumping frogs. All right, when you enter some bookstores, you can find books and materials for this cute hobby. Easy peasy!

Also not costly and you can make whatever you love for anyone and even yourself.

Some ideas of Creative hobbies:


  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Cake making/Decorating
  • Soap, clay making
  • Oil painting
  • Glass painting
  • Puppet master
  • Making Dream catchers

3. One That Grow Your Money

These days, we spend money quite impulsively. We get really attracted to things which actually do not add value in our lives. Many of these are actually not a need, we are just mostly being caught up by marketing gimmick. 

When times are bad and we face rainy days , we usually do not know when and it comes most of the time unexpectedly. We should always be aware of this and take some precautionary steps. The most basic rule people advise is to save money. 

The saying save your money for rainy days are implanted in our memories since our childhood days. Remember this, we could always cultivate hobbies and habits which grow our money once we have the capability to earn it after getting a job to have a source of income.

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Did you know?


  1. Gardening is not only creative but it yields you crops which could be your source of side income without your realizing.
  1. Be someone’s Uber or Grab Driver

Next, your daily drives to work can also get you come pocket money, join Grab or Uber team or something, be a part time driver while you are on a daily routine.

To be honest, this daily drives to work can be pretty tiring, why not make it productive and worth it. Imagine generating some income, by doing something you need to do daily.

You got your lunch and dinner bills covered, killing two birds with one stone. Sounds good right? 

Some ideas of Money-growing hobbies:

  • Stock markets
  • Be a professional gamer
  • Set an online store for your 2nd hand goods
  • Painting- sell your artwork
  • Learn a foreign language to educate the locals

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