Entrepreneur Vs. 9 to 5 Job – Which One Suits You Best?

Entrepreneur personality test
Entrepreneur personality test

Being entrepreneur is not for everyone, and same goes to employment. If you are still not sure of what will be your future, you should take the quiz below!

Nowadays, people often to misinterpret about what is entrepreneur. We all know those friends who put “Entrepreneur” on their bio and claim themselves as “entrepreneur” once they just started their newly launch business or store.

The truth is, being entrepreneur is not just a title. It requires the correct personality and attitude. This explains why there are so many new business owner get excitement at the beginning and quit after few months.

Founder Mentality

Entrepreneur need to have a strong dedication and high consistency.

Everyone can easily start a new business, but only few of them able to maintain it and made to success.

In my experience, being smart or genius doesn’t guarantee that you can be a good entrepreneur. If you’re just a lazy person who only have excitement at the beginning, you’re not suited to be an entrepreneur.

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Before you quit your 9 to 5 job to pursue your entrepreneur career, let’s test whether your personality suits you or not with the personality quiz below!

  • Question of

    Imagine you’re inside a safari tour. You’re inside a cage inside the lion exhibit. However, the driver suddenly gone. You’ve waited for someone to rescue you but nobody came. Now, it’s been 2 days without food and water. You know that human only can survive 3 to 4 days without water. What will you do?

    • Wait for a longer time, I believe someone will come and rescue me.
    • It’s too dangerous to escape, I’ve could been eaten by the lion!
    • I would try to escape asap, I would die anyway if I keep waiting here
    • I’ve been noticing that the lion always sleeping during the daylight. I would quietly sneak during the day and escape to the side door.
  • Question of

    You’ve been working out at gym for 6 months, but you still haven’t see any result yet. What do you think?

    • It’s totally fine. I’m working out because I want to be healthy.
    • I started to get lazy and demotivated. I’ve been thinking to quit gym.
    • 6 months is too fast to see the result. I will give more time to work out and see the result
    • I think there is something wrong with my work out method. I need to find someone good to teach me
  • Question of

    Your friend told you a successful entrepreneur story. How do you react to that?

    • Oh, what a lucky person… I wish I could be like him
    • Unlike me, his parents are rich which able to give him a capital to start business.
    • Thank you for telling me this inspirational story! It somehow bring my spirit back!
    • It is hard to reach his stage, not everyone can be like him.
  • Question of

    You’ve just attended a seminar and learnt new skill. You:*

    • Just “FYI” only, I am a fast learner
    • Take note what I learnt today, and write it nicely so I won’t forget
    • Try to perform the new skill straight away, I am curious about my result
    • This is hard and it won’t work for me.
  • Question of

    You’ve been working in an organization for a long time. Now, you feel that you’re the smartest person in your team.

    • I’m satisfied enough with my current job now. I’m happy to be the smartest person in the room!
    • I’m worried about my current condition. This might be time wasted for me.
    • I’m okay with my current situation but if there is a better opportunity, I will go a head and take it
  • Question of

    In the middle of the conversation with your friend, he said something that you don’t agree with. You:

    • Tell him that he is wrong and tell him all the reason why he is wrong
    • Just agree with his comment because you don’t want to argue with him
    • Ask him why is he thinking that way. You want to know what is his point of view
  • Question of

    If you ever thinking to resign, what will be your reason?

    • deep inside you feel it is not worth it to spend all your energy to benefit other people.
    • Nah, I love working! I’m working for fun without any pressure.
    • My boss is sucks, I hope will get better boss next time
    • Low salary and slow increment
  • Question of

    What you do during your free time?

    • Working on my side job
    • Reading Self Development Book
    • Watching Netflix
    • Spending time with family or friends
    • Building your side hustle
  • Question of

    When you see someone driving sports car, what actually comes in your mind?

    • What a nice car, but let’s be realistic, I don’t think I will be able to buy that car
    • I’ll buy it in the future, I’ll find way to achieve it.
    • Wow, what a nice car! I wish I can afford to buy that car.
    • Nothing, every car has the same function. I’m quite satisfied with my current car.

Written by Gian Stavin

Gian is the Founder of Life Hack Solution, where he started in 2019.
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