Seven Top Tech Gifts for the Gadget Fan

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With so many cool gadgets on the market today, tech gifts are always a big hit for the holiday season.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into all facets of everyday life, there is an expanding number of amazing products that tech-loving friends and family members are sure to adore. Whether you’re looking to improve your home with speakers and smart lights, enjoy the perfect beverage in your Ember Mug², or game on with a portable console, we’ve put together the perfect list of options for this 2022’s shopping list.

Here are seven of the best tech gifts for 2022.

1. Keep Your Coffee Warm with the Smart Ember Mug

When it comes to cool gadgets, few top the Ember Mug self-heated coffee mug. This high-tech mug keeps coffee and other hot beverages at the ideal temperature via an embedded microprocessor that is linked to the mug’s companion app. Through the app, users can control the temperature of their drink, personalize LED light colors, create presets for various beverage types, and much more. This smart mug is perfect for both the technology fan and coffee connoisseur alike.

Made by Ember, the Apple of coffee products, this company also offers several variations on its flagship mug, including the 6 oz Ember Cup for those who prefer espresso-based drinks.


2. Stay Hydrated with a LARQ PureVis Sanitizing Water Bottle

Looking for something completely unique to give out this Christmas? The LARQ Bottle PureVis fits that role, billing itself as “the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system.”

Using UV-C lighting, the PureVis eliminates up to 99 percent of bio-contaminants. At the same time, this tech can be used to quickly and easily sanitize the bottle’s interior. Additionally, the bottle’s rechargeable battery is capable of lasting up to a month between charges.

Available in a variety of colors, this super cool gadget is sure to impress any tech lover in your social circle.

3. Light Up the Room with Kasa Smart Light Bulbs

Want to add some color to your gift recipient’s white Christmas? Then the Kasa Smart Light Bulb is the best tech gift to give them. With this cool gadget, users can customize the bulb’s color, dim it to create the perfect ambiance, adjust the color temperature, and more. Purchase multiple bulbs to drape your entire space with beautiful color schemes.

Plus, all of this can be done from a mobile companion app that can be used anywhere.


4. Win the Game with a Valve Steam Deck

If you are okay with getting tech gifts with a bigger price tag, then the Valve Steam Deck portable gaming PC is sure to be a massive winner for any gamer.

Released earlier this year, this portable gaming console supports many of the games featured in Steam’s extensive library games, features customizable controls, and comes equipped with up to 512GB of storage, depending on the model you purchase.

However, if you want to get this tech gift for someone, be sure to do it now as delivery can take one to two weeks.

5. Play on the go with an iPhone Gaming Controller

If the Valve Steam Deck doesn’t fit into your budget, then consider grabbing the Backbone One mobile gaming controller instead. This cool gadget serves to transform Android or Apple phones into a gaming controller that can be used with any game service that supports controllers.

Equipped with an audio jack, a full set of buttons, triggers, thumb sticks, and more, any gamer will instantly recognize the value of this tech gift.


6. Record Your Adventures Using the GoPro HERO11 Black Action Camera

Perfect for the adventurous technology fan, the GoPro HERO11 waterproof camera is a compact and durable option to capture 5.3K video no matter where you are. Featuring a long-lasting battery and water-repelling lens cover, this camera will take crystal clear videos and still images without sacrificing portability, allowing you to stash the camera in your pocket in between takes conveniently.

7. Pump up the Tunes with the Sonos Roam

To keep the music going inside and outdoors, check out the Sonos Roam portable speaker, which offers big sound in a compact package. With a refined design built from durable materials, the Roam sits perfectly on your desk or on a shelf, ready to take on the outdoors with a waterproof and drop resistant case plus 10 hours of battery life. Combine this speaker with other products from the Sonos product line to enjoy a seamless listening experience.

The Best Tech Gifts for 2022

With so many cool gadgets on the market, there is no shortage of great tech gifts to give this holiday season. From mobile gaming consoles to kitchen gadgetry, there are plenty of technology gifts to give for 2022. Be sure to grab the ones on this list to impress your tech-obsessed friends or family.