Seven trending technologies for self-storage businesses

In recent times, the self-storage industry has evolved big time. Technology has made a huge impact on all businesses worldwide, and ecommerce businesses are booming too. It means they require self-storage facilities to keep track of their things. As we all know, technological advancements have impacted our lives immensely; the same goes for the self-storage industry. The increasing demand for storage units has led to tech developments that have brought flexibility and convenience for business owners.

Ignoring the use of technology in any industry today can be detrimental to your company’s growth. You need to keep customers satisfied and offer more and more convenience to retain them.

Hence, to run a self-storage business successfully, you have to offer smart solutions to customers. That is why self-storage companies have embraced technology to add value to the lives of business owners. Let’s find out about seven trending technologies for self-storage businesses.

The Cloud

By integrating cloud services, you can manage your self-storage facility from anywhere. Cloud system is one of the great innovations that help you access databases safely in a transparent way making your job easier. The same thing is mandatory for the self-storage industry to ensure that customers can access their data hassle-free from anywhere.

This self storage automation technology not only provides you convenience but is also available at a reasonable price. It does not cost much because there is no need for someone to restore the database crash and troubleshoot. Cloud systems also have built-in repair systems that prevent databases from crashing.

Online Leasing

Technology allows self-storage owners to improve the customer experience by ensuring convenience for them. One of the major benefits of online leasing is that you do not have to rely on your staff much. From contract applications to bills payment, everything has gone online. This provides a greater level of convenience to customers. Also, real-time pricing updates are provided by your operating system’s data feed to customers, which makes things even easier.

Mobile Applications

One of the benefits that technology has given to us is flexibility. The same goes for the self-storage industry, as mobile access has played a vital role in streamlining different operations. As mentioned above, you can control and manage your on-site operations from any part of the globe. So, mobile applications play a primary role in it.

Self-storage owners prefer to manage their systems through mobile applications due to ease of access. A functional mobile device is needed to gain access to storage units. So, those old days are gone when you needed a key card to access a certain place. Specialized mobile applications improve the workflow at storage facilities that positively impact your business. It makes it convenient for customers and employees to keep track of their accounts virtually from anywhere. From android to iOS, mobile apps are available in different versions so that you can use them according to your preference.


Self-storage kiosks offer an excellent level of convenience to the users. It enables tenants to access the storage facilities anytime, reducing managers’ workload by automating the daily customer interactions.

A specially designed software is integrated into the kiosks that use property management systems. It immediately updates all customers’ actions in the database and notifies the property manager. Anything that reduces the efforts of self-storage employers becomes precious, so kiosks are one of the most demanding tech trends.

Self-Storage Management Software

Self-storage facilities owners heavily rely on management software to ensure that nothing goes off track. The integration of cloud technology into management systems improves customer experience. It allows managers and owners to stay updated by providing real-time business-related data. The automation of the daily tasks saves time, cost, and energy for the employees, leading to productivity.

Management software also provides valuable insights into financial trends. It also makes accounting management easier by gathering data from different resources. So, the self-storage management system works as the control center that uses various technologies. This automated business model guarantees a bright future for the self-storage industry.


Security is one of the significant demands of the self-storage industry as people pay to keep their valuables safe. Biometric technology ensures foolproof security that is almost impossible to breach. It detects the unique traits of every individual, including fingerprints, retinas, and voices. For example, some areas in the building are accessible only by a fingerprint or voice recognition of a specific person.

Biometrics ensures a high-level security system that is evolving with time. Facial recognition is also one of the practical features of the biometric systems used in maximum-security facilities. It uses different characteristics of the person to provide access, making it very hard for anyone to breach.

When tenants have access to storage facilities, they can easily access their belongings without hassle. Highly-functional biometric systems also play a crucial role in improving the customer experience. Once customers are satisfied that their stuff is in safe hands, it also helps self-storage employers gain credibility. It significantly impacts their business growth as their customer base increases and more people trust their services.

Remote Monitoring

Managing HVAC units in their facilities is no less than a headache for most self-storage operators. Having high-efficiency HVAC units in storage spaces is the best way to profit by raising the rent. But it isn’t easy to maintain and manage such types of HVAC units. So, to control it, remote monitoring is the perfect solution.

It is one of the finest technologies that help you control and monitor the entire facility in real-time. Remote monitoring enables you to manage your storage appliances from anywhere.

When your smartphone or web browser is connected to the devices, you can switch it on or off as per your need anytime. It also helps you monitor your CCTV cameras ensuring a safe environment. You can keep an eye on your storage unit 24/7 from any part of the world. So, security is one of the significant aspects of remote access.


As a business owner, if you want to succeed in the modern era, you must leverage the latest technological developments. Especially when it comes to the self-storage industry, you need to smartly use the latest technologies to increase your work efficiency and help you keep track of everything. Additionally, it will save you time and energy, so make sure you use technology smartly to enhance your self-storage business growth.

Written by Jayden Woods

Jayden is a guest post editor and part time contributor at Life Hack Solution.