10 Obvious Signs That You’re a Positive Person

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signs of positive person

We are always taught to have positive thoughts. It is important that we have positive thoughts so that we can look at life more positively and not always look at the negative side. In addition, having positive thoughts can also be contagious to others. Other people can be carried away with a positive aura and we can be surrounded by positive and supportive people. But do you really have a positive mind? If you have these signs, it indicates that you are indeed a person with positive thoughts.

1. Never Give Up

Are you one of those people who never give up in achieving something? When you want to own an item or reach a target, no matter how difficult the road is or how many times you fail, you keep trying.

This unyielding nature is usually one of the signs that you are a positive person. They are not easy to bring down just by the so-called failure and adversity. They know that what they want is something of great value. Giving up in the middle of the road will be very painful, so they continue to rise to achieve what they want.

2. Can See Positive Things From Bad Events

In life, there will be many things that will happen. Whether it’s good or bad, they will come and go. No one can escape from that. If something good happens obviously people will not be afraid and take it easy. But what if something bad happens? What to do?

People who think negatively will see an event from the bad side only. But people who have positive thoughts will be able to see the positive side of the incident. No matter how bad the incident that happened to him, positive people can find positive benefits from the incident and make it a lesson.


3. Be Aware of Your Own Mind

There is a difference between positive and negative people. The difference lies in the way they recognize themselves. Try to calm yourself down and ask yourself. How well do you understand yourself and your thoughts? Positive people are definitely aware of what they are thinking.

Positive people are aware of where and what they have to do. Although there are moments when they are confused, they can quickly determine the next step to take. In contrast to those who are negative. Negative people are often not aware of themselves. They don’t know what to do in life.

4. Not Ignorant With Negative Things

When you are in doubt whether you are a person with positive thoughts or not, you can check it for yourself. There are visible signs of positive thinking person. One of the signs is his ability to see the negative. Even though you have positive thoughts, it doesn’t mean you close your eyes to negative things.

There are positives and negatives in life. Even though you are a person with positive thoughts, that doesn’t mean you can ignore negative things. In fact, positive people do not forget the negative things. The difference with those who think negatively, positive people see an event not only from the positive side but also from the negative side. This negative side is attempted to be minimized as small as possible.

5. Not Afraid to Fail

No one can escape from such a thing as failure. Everyone has experienced and will experience failure in life. Once, twice, or even dozens of times people have failed. The choice is in our own hands, whether to avoid it or face it.


People with positive thoughts will never avoid or fear failure. Precisely with failure they will learn and try again to get up. If you have a nature that is not afraid of failure, it indicates that you are a positive and strong-minded person.

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6. Actively Exercising

Negative people will usually distance themselves from positive things. For example, being lazy more often, doing bad habits for health such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, and other activities that do not provide good benefits for themselves. Positive people are different, they will choose activities that can benefit them.

One of the activities that can have a positive impact on him is by actively exercising. It has been proven that being active in sports can not only make the body healthy but also the mind becomes healthy. With the addition of endorphins produced from exercise, it can make a person happy.

7. Can Rise From Failure Independently

Everyone must fail and after failing must immediately get up. Don’t rely on other people to lift you up. Positive people should be able to rise up by themselves. Although humans are social creatures and need other people, it doesn’t mean that we rely on other people all the time.

Not everyone wants to help us. There are also people who are unable to help and there are also people who are actually happy to see us fail. Don’t expect this other person to help us stand. Positive people have the power to lift themselves out of adversity. It will be very nice if you can get up on your own without the help of others. There will also be no such thing as a burden to return the favor.


8. People Around Be Happy With Your Presence

There are people who think that negativity can be contagious. That’s true. But it’s not just negative that can be contagious, positive can also be contagious. When a positive person enters a group of friends, the positive power possessed by that person can also be transmitted to his friends.

Positive people can bring a positive aura and make their friends feel positive too. And when this positivity is contagious, happiness is also visible on the faces of these people. It is like a small candle that can give light to those around those in need.

9. Don’t depend on others

Having the nature of depending on others is not a good trait. If you don’t have this trait, you can be happy and proud. It is signs that you are a positive people. You are aware that although humans cannot live without other people, it does not mean that all things must depend on others. Try to do it yourself.

When someone depends on someone else’s life, that’s where you will lose and maybe it will make that person’s burden increase. Everyone has their own problems to solve. Only when the situation is really urgent do you ask for help. Before that, do it yourself.

10. Surrounded by Positive Friends

To be able to see signs whether someone is a positive person or not, the way is very easy. We just see from his friends. Positive people usually spend more time with positive people too. Why? Because they realize that a positive circle of friends will make people also positive.


This can be a lesson for us too. Spend time with positive people and we will inevitably follow their way of life. Don’t hesitate to leave negative friends. Hanging out with negative friends will actually make you pulled in a negative direction too.