10 Warning Signs That You’re Getting Too Much Exercise

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signs of too much exercise

Whether you fully aware that you’re working out too much or you’ll just want to get the fastest body goals result, here are signs of too much exercise that can danger your health!

“Result happen over time. Work hard, be patient, and stay consistent.” Heard this quotes before? We all know that being gymaholic or exercise too much, won’t get you a dream body overnight.

Instead of accelerating the progress, you’ll end up worsen your health and became unfit. Before you regret it, it is better for you to know some signs if you exercise too much. Check out below 10 signs of too much exercise:

1. Performance Down and No Development

People exercising will certainly experience development. What used to be a light load, gradually began to gain weight. From being unable to dribble at first, slowly began to be able to do complicated dribbles. But have you ever felt that your development is stuck or not moving?

Excessive exercise can actually stop development and even tend to decline. This is because your body is forced to do tiring activities over and over again and forget about rest. Not only performance can decrease, the spirit of training also decreases.


Tips? You need a break. Don’t over exercise!

2. Difficult to Concentrate

Increasing concentration is not only done by taking drugs or supplements. It also can be done by playing or doing activities that can sharpen the brain.

However, some people mistakenly assume that by doing exercise everyday to aim of better concentration. Human body has limits, and it cannot be forced to do strenuous activities every day. Continuous exercise and forgetting to rest can actually make health fall and decrease concentration.

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3. No Appetite

People think that decreased appetite is only due to mood problems or not delicious food. Well, not really! If you realize that you have no appetite without reasons, it could be a sign that you exercise too much.


For example, if you’re eating your favorite foods but your appetite is still low. As a result, people are lazy to eat, even though if they do strenuous activities, the body needs nutritional intake to help the recovery process.

According to the research, over exercise decreases level of appetite stimulating hormone. This is why exercise is included in one of our article on weight loss hack.

4. Unstable Mood

One of the positive effects of regular exercise is a happy mood. By doing exercise, the body will release endorphins. These endorphins can make a person feel calm, relaxed, relaxed, and happy. This is one of the reasons why people love and often exercise.

However, it should also be noted that the intensity of the exercise is being carried out. Doing sports beyond the limits such as lifting very heavy weights or playing football every day can actually do the opposite. Mood can turn into unstable. A person can become irritable with trivial mistakes.

5. Depression

Work assignments, school, problems in the family, conflicts between friends, can make people stress and depress. To get rid of this depression the way is different for each person. Some can get rid of it by shopping, traveling, watching, playing games, or by exercising.


However, when a person does excessive exercise, it can cause depression. There is a statement that saying that you exercise hard every day to be healthy or reach your ideal body weight.

The reality is not like that. Doing over exercise actually makes the body become exhausted and mentally burdensome. Create a schedule and exercise menu that is right for yourself to avoid depression.

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6. Injury

Of the many signs that indicate that your body is very tired due to exercise too much, it is injury. Injuries not only occurred because of wrong movements or physical impact on something, but it can also be caused by exercising excessively.

Maybe because of minor injuries, many people think they are still in normal condition and continue to exercise.


This is dangerous because it can cause other injuries or exacerbate the one being experienced. This is the most absolute sign that shows that someone is doing too much exercise and should stop for a while. Give your body time to heal!

7. Morale Down

Motivation is what makes someone want to do something. At this point what will be discussed is sports activities. The higher the motivation of a person to exercise, the person will definitely do sports even without prompting. No matter how busy he is, he will find time to exercise even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

Have you ever asked why someone who is initially very excited about exercising suddenly drops his enthusiasm and motivation? It is because he/she has been doing exercise too often.

Excessive exercise can make the body extremely tired, prolong muscle pain, and reduce the spirit of exercise. Take a break for the body to return to exercise.

8. Difficulty of Sleeping

Not only busy people at school or work can experience insomnia. Insomnia or insomnia can also occur in people who exercise excessively. Excessive exercise makes the body extremely tired, so it becomes even more difficult to rest it. As a result, waking up in the morning the body feels weak.


Normally people need about 7-8 hours of rest at night. Less or more than that can make the body sore in the morning. The body that is forced to do strenuous activity will affect the muscles and nervous system. Try to do sports that fit your ability to keep your body getting natural sleep.

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9. Unstable Heartbeat

When doing sports, it’s only natural that your heart rate beats faster than normal. Because the body needs oxygen, the heart pumps blood faster to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. Normally when you have cooled down and rested, your heart rate will return to normal.

But there are moments when you have cooled down and rested but your heart rate still doesn’t drop or is irregular. No need to worry first, an irregular heartbeat doesn’t mean there is a problem with heart health.

Exercising too hard can also make your heart beat faster than normal. This condition can last several days after doing too much exercise.


10. Prolonged Muscle Pain

With rest and proper diet, muscle pain usually goes away in 2 to 3 days. If your muscles are still sore for more than 3 days, that is a sign that your muscles are still not fully recovered.

This is one of the signs if you do too much exercise. Maybe, you do sports more than you should. Your body needs a longer rest time so that the muscles can really recover and return back to exercise.