10 Warning Symptoms If You’re Having Blood Flow Issues

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symptoms of blood flow issues

Now it is very necessary to maintain health so as not to be susceptible to disease. If there are health problems, the body will automatically show several signs. However, not everyone is aware of this sign and tends to take it lightly. Such as circulation or blood circulation. If this is allowed, it will cause big problems in the future. Therefore it is necessary to know a number of symptoms if your blood flow is having issues.

1. Changed in Skin Color

Each person’s skin color is different. There are white, brown, black, and so on. The difference in skin color is natural, which is not natural when there are people who have purple or pale skin color. You may have seen body parts that are purple in color. This can happen if the part is hit by something which causes the skin color to turn blue / purple.

This skin discoloration is actually a sign that blood circulation is not smooth. When blood flow is having issues, one of the symptoms indicated by a pale or blue skin color. When blood flows out of the capillaries, the skin area turns purple. It is possible for this discoloration to occur on the nose, lips, ears, hands, and feet which do have many blood vessels.

2. Visible Blood Vessels

Visible blood vessels can be caused for many things. It could be because the skin is too white so that the blood vessels are visible or it could be because there is indeed a problem with blood circulation. The visible blood vessels are usually referred to as varicose veins. Usually appears on the feet.

When there is a lot of pressure, blood flow having issues symptoms. Increasingly allowed, blood flow will accumulate at one point and make the blood vessels in that area will swell. If so, then varicose veins appear. Before this happens, check your health frequently. Whether you have a lot of pressure on your feet or not.


3. Impaired Digestion

The name humans definitely need food to survive. It is important to remember that eating the right foods and in sufficient quantities is necessary so that the body can function properly. Not eating enough or too much can cause digestive problems. Then what if you eat right but still have digestive problems?

Maybe this is due to problems with blood circulation. Our digestive system needs something called fresh blood intake. When blood flow is disturbed and having issues, digestion and disposal will automatically be disrupted as one of the symptoms. Pain in the stomach, diarrhea, bloody bowel movements, constipation, and stomach cramps may occur.

4. Wounds and Ulcers

A common sign when a person is having problems with their blood circulation is when sores and ulcers appear on the body. There must be many of you who don’t think this can happen right? We only know that wounds occur when we fall. While boils are usually caused by bacterial infection.

People who experience impaired blood flow will develop sores or ulcers on their skin. The more severe the disturbance of blood flow, the more painful the wounds and ulcers will be and will take longer to heal. This can happen to people, regardless of age. Even boils can also be a sign that the person has a problem with the body’s immune system.

5. Tingling

Have you ever experienced a tingling sensation? Although for sure you have experienced this one thing. Tingling is a strange, tingling, numbness, or needling feeling. Can occur because of the pressure that causes blood flow to the place is not smooth.


If it only happens in a matter of fingers, maybe you can take it lightly. But if it happens continuously, you need to worry. It could be because there is a problem with your blood awareness. In addition, pins and needles can also be a sign of other diseases such as diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, strokes, tumors, and so on.

6. Swelling in certain parts

When doing sports activities and then we experience a collision in the hand or leg, swelling will certainly appear in the affected area. If touched, the swelling will be painful. Swelling can not only occur due to impact with hard objects, but can also be caused by blood flow that is not smooth.

The blood flow that having issues can cause fluid to accumulate in one particular area. In the medical world, this condition is known as edema. Edema tends to occur in the legs, ankles and thighs. Edema can be a sign the heart is unable to circulate blood throughout the body. The term is called heart failure.

7. Tired

Like machines, the human body is not designed to work endlessly. Need a break. If the machine is used continuously, it will overheat and die, people who continue to work without resting will become exhausted and may fall ill. That’s why adequate rest is needed for the body to recover energy.

When the body gets enough rest, wake up feeling refreshed. If you still feel tired, there are 2 possibilities that might happen. The first is that you don’t get good quality sleep. And the second is blood circulation problems. Lack of blood flow makes the heart work harder which can make this fatigue happen.


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8. Difficult to concentrate and easy to forget

Entering old age, having problems with memory is not uncommon. You guys, if there are old family members, will definitely experience it. Grandparents who are getting senile, find it difficult to recognize the names of their children and grandchildren. As time goes by, memory problems are not only experienced by those who are old, we who are young can also experience them.

This memory disorder can also be caused by poor blood circulation. Lack of blood supply to the brain can cause cognitive impairment. Problems such as difficulty concentrating and forgetting frequently are problems that can occur. High blood pressure can also cause this to happen.

9. Muscle Cramps and Joint Pain

Doctors, other health professionals, athletes, sports teachers, and our friends always remind us that before exercising, stretching or warming up should be started. Warming is done in order to prepare the body for activities that are more strenuous than usual. Makes the heart beat faster, prepares muscles and joints to be better prepared. If you don’t warm up, you will be more likely to have cramps or more serious injury.

If you don’t exercise and then suddenly feel cramps in your hands or feet, it could not be because you don’t warm up. But because of problems with blood circulation. Lack of blood flow to the limbs can cause pain in the area. This can be aggravated when sitting or standing for long periods of time.

10. Cold Hands and Feet

It is very natural for you to be in a cold place or room and then your body feels cold too. Usually when we get cold, the reaction we do is cover our body using a jacket, gloves, or socks. But if any part of your body suddenly turns cold, this could be a dangerous sign.


A sudden change in temperature from warm to cold is a sign that blood circulation is not working properly. This can occur in the feet or hands. When the blood runs smoothly, we will definitely feel warm all over the body. When blood does not run smoothly in a part of the body, the temperature in that area will drop dramatically, there are changes in the skin and nerves.