The Top 4 Technological Investments to Make Your Home Safer

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Gone are the days when community spirit was so strong and unwavering that it was entirely usual for homeowners to nip to the corner store for bread and milk and leave their front door unlocked and even open.

These days, thieves are incredibly sophisticated and constantly develop new and innovative ways of breaking and entering, adapting to the latest developments over time. However, this is where smart technology comes in, as such equipment makes it substantially harder for burglars to succeed.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top four investments to make your home safer.

1. A Smart Door Bell

First and foremost, one of the best methods of deterring opportunistic thieves and planned burglaries alike to your property is to invest in a smart doorbell.

Not only will this mean that you are able to see anyone who is on your property on live view, but you will also be able to review footage days, weeks, and even months later. Additional benefits of a smart doorbell include the following:


  • Being able to redirect mail and packages when you are not home
  • Provide evidence of a burglary to the police
  • View the perimeter of your property with night vision
  • Connect the doorbell to other smart devices

2. Comprehensive Internet Security

Another hugely important way you can protect yourself and the rest of your family from crime, specifically cybercrime (which is becoming increasingly sophisticated as the months roll by), is to ensure you have a comprehensive and exceedingly high level of internet security.

Not only should you upgrade your internet service provider to include faster and more reliable fiber optic internet for your home, but you should also ensure that your internet security is always fully functioning and that safeguarding or child filters are always turned on.

3. Electrical Door Locks

Next up, to protect your home from people breaking and entering, you may also want to consider investing in an electric door lock.

Smart door locks connect to your home’s private and secure internet, which means you are entirely in control of the locking system when both inside your home and away. The electrical lock can, of course, be overridden, so any trips in the system or a broken fuse will not stand in the way of you gaining access to your home.

4. Automatic Lighting

The fourth shrewd investment for anyone wanting to secure their home and ensure their property holds the latest in innovative modern technology is to invest in smart lighting fixtures and fittings.


With automatic lighting, you can preset lighting combinations, for example, the living room and hallway lights, to switch on in the evening and turn off again in the morning if you are away for the night and your property is empty.

More than that, smart lighting is also a fantastically effective way of working to get back into control of your household energy bills, as you can always ensure every light is turned off from an application on your smartphone.