Things You Should Know if You are Injured in a Public Bus Accident

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Whenever you board a bus, whether it is a city bus, tour bus, shuttle, school bus, etc., you entrust your safety to the driver and the bus owner. People feel so comfortable and secure on a bus that many do not use seat belts. However, accidents do occur even on buses.

What to do when involved in a public bus accident?

If you are involved in a public bus accident, here are the steps you should follow:

Stay at the scene

After a bus accident, prioritize safety. Call 911 so emergency crews can come promptly. This is especially critical if the crash has blocked traffic or harmed someone. When you don’t require emergency medical attention, call the police to register a report. Don’t expect the bus driver will notify authorities and their managers. If you’re well and it’s safe, stay and assist others. If you notice smoke or flames or the bus is in danger, escape.

Each state prohibits leaving the site of a traffic collision without sharing information and offering aid, if possible. There are times when you can leave the scene, though. This may apply if you were critically injured and taken by emergency services.

Gather evidence

If possible, begin collecting information and evidence. Take photographs of the accident scene, all involved vehicles, and any visible wounds you have incurred. Collect the contact information of other passengers, the bus driver, emergency workers, and others who arrive at the site. Collecting this information requires you to be on the scene, and the information will be greatly helpful to your case.


Seek medical attention

Any serious accident should prompt medical care. You may have suffered soft tissue damage that isn’t immediately apparent. Early medical care can prevent further harm from delayed symptoms.

Keep records

Documents connected to the tragic incident should be kept safe. Gather records that can assist you and your lawyer in calculating your financial losses. This includes doctor appointments, physical therapy sessions, vehicle repairs, and other accident-related costs. If you’re afraid of losing paper copies of essential papers, scan or photograph them. Every detail is important, and it can help build your case.

Contact a lawyer

There are hardly any claims for bus accidents that are simple. You should anticipate resistance from the firm that was in charge of operating the bus as well as from the insurance company that was tasked with paying out your claim. In addition, you may be denied compensation from liable parties that you failed to identify some things, such as the bus manufacturer.

An attorney is the most qualified professional to safeguard your best interests and pave the way for you to start over and move on with your life. The bus accident attorneys at Boohoff Law will handle all the communications with the insurance company, the police, and other important parties. The lawyer will also conduct investigations to determine your compensation’s full and fair value. They will fight for you when no one else can.