10 Things You Should Never Share, Even to Your Nearest & Dearest

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things you should never share

Do you have habit of lending things to other people? Well, there are actually several things that you should never lend and share with others.

We’ll let you know why!

Bacteria Transmitted

There are things that are actually prohibited from lending or sharing to other people. Exchanging or lending goods is one of the reasons you can get an illness.

You definitely won’t think about whether the items being lended or shared have already contaminated with germs or viruses.

The item will later be able to transmit various diseases to someone who use it.


To avoid this, you must be able to take note that you should never share or lend some of the things to other people.

So what are the items?

1. Towels

The first item you should never lend and share is towel.

Towels are one of the items that have physical contact throughout our bodies.

By borrowing or lending towels to other people, the risk of contracting a disease can increase significantly.


Always make sure you bring your personal towels when leaving the house. Whether you just want to exercise or during vacation.

This aims to prevent the transmission of a disease caused by germs and bacteria that stick to towels.

2. Clothing

Clothing is one of the items that we will always use in our daily life. Normally, when friends or family stay over, they will borrow one or two pieces of your clothes.

But do you know that this habit can make the risk of contracting the disease even greater?

Especially with clothes such as underwear, clothes for cooking and sports clothes.


Try not to borrow or lend it to other people.

It doesn’t just stop there, the wrong way to wash clothes can also cause the transmission of germs and bacteria.

Also, try to always change clothes every day.

3. Make Up

In a study, finding the facts, a number of makeup or makeup samples displayed in a number of stores contained E.coli bacteria in them.

Apart from the E. coli bacteria, the researchers also found a number of other bacteria such as Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.


It is necessary to know, these bacteria can cause digestive disorders.

4. Lipsticks or Lip balms

One of the makeup that is very fast to transmit germs and bacteria is lipstick and lip balm.

Alternating the use of lipstick or lip balm can cause the appearance of the herpes virus at the end of the product.

For this reason, the use of lipsticks and lip balms, especially those in the form of sticks, has a great risk of transmission.

5. Shaver

In shaving, it is not uncommon for you to find a problem, which is scratching the skin until it bleeds or the peeled skin.


This problem can indirectly lead to bacterial transmission.

Therefore, razors have a great risk of transmission, especially can transmit the hepatitis virus, either hepatitis B or C.

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6. Toothbrushes

In addition to being disgusted, exchanging toothbrushes can also cause the transmission of germs and disease-causing bacteria.

One disease that can be contracted as a result of alternating toothbrushes is hepatitis C.

For that, always make sure you bring a toothbrush when you leave the house to stay overnight.


If you forget to bring it, it is highly recommended to buy a new toothbrush right away instead of borrowing it.

7. Nail Clippers

Did you know that using nail clippers together is very dangerous?

Nail clippers that used together can cause fungus to appear in the nail area.

Especially in the toenail area, because the fungus will reproduce very quickly in warm and humid places.

For that, make sure to have personal nail clippers and don’t allow other people to use them.


If it happen in an urgent situation, try to clean the nail clippers first.

8. Comb

The comb is one of the items prohibited from borrowing it later.

Why is that? The comb is one of the things that is very easy to transmit health problems to the hair and scalp.

Ringworm and head lice are the diseases most commonly transmitted to others through combs.

For that, make sure you have your personal comb and don’t lend it to other people.


If it’s urgent, you should always make sure the comb is clean before and after use.

9. Deodorant

Deodorant has a function to kill germs and bacteria in the armpit area. But it will be a different story if you share it with other people.

Deodorants also have a large risk of transmitting germs and bacteria.

Directly attaching the deodorant to the skin can make germs and bacteria stick.

Make sure not to borrow and lend deodorant to others.


10. Earphones

Using earphones alternately can cause the transmission of germs and bacteria to your ears. Ear canal infection is a disease caused by poor hygiene in earphones.

Make sure not to borrow and share earphones with other people. If urgent, make sure the earphones are clean before and after use.

Bottom Line

That’s the 10 things you should not lend and share to other people.

Risk of bacteria is always there.

But if you insist or have no choice to share them, remember to clean and sterilize it before you use it.