5 Things You Should Not Post on Social Media

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things you should not post on social media

Social medias are the place where you can post whatever you like. However, there are several red lines that you should not post on social media.

In this modern world of social media where Instagram, Facebook, Twitter being a replacement to the traditional newspaper where people used to read every morning long ago. We the new gen should be aware of all this unconscious publicity we are exposing in our daily lives. We are watching people’s postings and reading much information from a million sources in such a quick time in just one scroll of page in the web.

In the midst of scrolling, have this negative thoughts came into your mind like, “ OMG, this post is such a spam!”, “Can she stop posting about these kind of status or photos?” You never knew what the other side of the story is about and you quickly judge them. That is natural, however we should also be aware of this is pretty common.

1. Personal Problems


Everyone in life, even the happiest soul I’ve ever met, have their sad days or tough times. Sometimes we feel we do not have anyone to talk to or share with when we are facing issues alone, however I would really emphasize that it is crucial not to share your personal problems in Social media. Have your heard of the saying, “ Most people are just curious, they do not actually really care”.


Dear you, please remember this saying, it is true as we have few who truly cares when we are in trouble. Do you think posting your issues in social media could solve your problems? Sharing it in public will not actually solve the issue, it leads to many unwanted attentions and creates an image and even some misunderstood impression to public.

2. Sharing too much Details of your Daily Life

There are people in social media who posts everyday about every little thing, treating it like a personal diary. I think oversharing about certain things we do in our daily lives like heading to the toilet, having a mild stomach pain, or having a fever if posting it on a daily basis can be pretty annoying as in, don’t you have other better things to share?

Have you ever thought that certain people are just trying to portray an image who isn’t them in social media, to the point some people seems really fake in social media?

3. Sensitive information

Things we share on social media spreads super fast. Do not underestimate the power of technology, everything we post, share, like and comment in seen by the public.

Anything political or religious should not be offensive or have substance that could rage any society around the world.


Keep all your views in neutral and stay safe, you never know who’s reading your post and taking it as evidence to disturb your peace of mind. Sensitive information is one of the crucial thing that you should not post on social media!

4. Your Luxury Goods or Earnings

Have you ever seen posts on social media, people posting stacks of money earned from their business, or even screenshots of their bank account showing how much their earnings are usually on purpose to draw attention to their successful business? Sharing your earnings and showing the luxury you have in life not only creates a boastful impression to people, but it also attracts danger.

Do you know how much of information is shared in a picture? The saying, a picture speaks a thousand words is true. A random stranger or stalker or thief can know where you live, and you could be a next target for robbery.


5. Obscene Images or Videos upload

Ladies, this is especially for you, but of course guys should also take note on this. We should maintain a decent image when sharing photos and videos in social media.


Do you think posting sexy images increases your social medias likes? and does that number of likes really is worth it for your dignity?

This is not porn hub, as we represent ourselves and viewing of our profiles in social media by our bosses or any potential business partners, we should appear pleasant at the least we can do.

A pleasant profile creates a good impression which reduces much unneeded attention especially from creepy freaks hiding behind the screen.

It is also your freedom to post whatever you like and want. This is just a piece of advice but not a mandatory thing to follow.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, be mindful in anything you post and share in the social media. These databases are stored and monitored by many unknown sources. We shall keep our sharing in moderation to avoid all unnecessary problems at all costs be it for our safety, image and peace of mind.