Top Tips for Making a Great Photo Book

While more and more photos are taken on digital devices and kept there, many people still want to see their treasured memories in a physical format. This is certainly where a great photo book can become the type of item that you keep for years to come and perhaps even pass down through the generations. If you are looking to make a great photo book, a few top tips can help make the finished product look and feel a whole lot better. Here are a few of them that are all worth taking into account.

Assemble the Photos

First of all, you need to get all the possible photos in one place that you are going to send to a photo book maker, such as Blurb. To begin with, you can have an initially broad search before you start to narrow this off little by little over time. When you eventually come up with the finished set of photos that are going to feature, you need to ensure that each and every one of them merits its place in the final product. Not only this, but you should also think about how you are going to group them all together – whether this is based on them being in chronological order or you would prefer to group them by category.

Start Off with an Excellent Cover

From this initial group of photos that you have assembled, you are going to need a great cover that reflects everything that the viewer can expect to find within the pages in front of them. At the same time, you should also think of a title that will encapsulate the lot of them and a little caption that you may want to put on the front. For example, if it is a family album, it certainly makes sense that all the family members are featured on the front cover. Alternatively, you could go for a nice hardback cover instead embellished with a nice title, as these can look classy and elegant.

Use Descriptions

If you just have the photos themselves without any information to be found around them, it is going to prove to be much more challenging to tell a whole story. Instead of this, make sure that you are using the type of descriptions that are letting people know about the main info of what can be seen in front of them. You need to make sure that everything is both short and succinct, as there is simply no point in trying to add more than necessary.

Use High-Resolution Images

When you select the images that are going to feature within the photo album’s pages, you certainly do not want anything to look blurry and unappealing. With this in mind, it is highly important that high-resolution images are selected as they will help make sure that the finished product is as good as it possibly can be. Ditch those blurry photos, no matter how sentimental they might be.

Written by Jayden Woods

Jayden is a guest post editor and part time contributor at Life Hack Solution. For guest post queries, reach out to