Travel Hacks for Large Groups

2 mins read

Planning a trip with a group of friends or family is exciting at first but quickly becomes a logistical nightmare. With so many people wanting to do so many different activities, figuring out a way to cater to everyone is a huge challenge. Similarly, once you’re on the move, traveling in a large group comes with its own unique problems. Here are a few hacks to keep you all safe and sane while traveling together.

Plan Well in Advance

The earlier you can start to plan your trip, the easier it will be when the time comes to leave. Tickets and accommodation prices are sometimes cheaper the sooner you purchase them, which is excellent news for a large group of people. It’s unlikely that you will all manage to sit near each other on a plane, train, or bus, but if you plan in advance, then the chances go up. Here are a few common points travelers often need to remember while planning:

  • Has everyone in the group got sufficient time off from work to travel?
  • Will one person be in charge of planning, or will everything be decided by committee?
  • Are any of your group afraid of flying, sailing, or any other mode of transport you might be using?

Make Travel as Comfortable as Possible

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of waking up groggy and grumpy and then having to face your travel group for another day. The risk of falling out and having unnecessary arguments increases with tiredness, which is why good sleep is important if you all want to make the most of your time together. A great way to overcome this is to ensure that your transport is spacious enough for everyone so that nobody feels cramped or uncomfortable. Take a look at for some inspiration.

Have an Emergency Plan

Discuss with your group the plans for in case one or more of you becomes lost. Arrange a common meeting point and write down everyone’s phone numbers on paper, so you aren’t relying upon a charged device to contact them in an emergency. Make sure everyone’s families back home know the rough itinerary so they know when to expect you all to return.

Take Separate Breaks

If you and your group are going on an extended journey, consider making time for solitude. Some people thrive in a group environment, while others require time alone to recharge. Don’t be offended if some members of the group need their own space once in a while during your trip.


Prepare for Compromise

Trying to achieve anything in a large group can be difficult, even if each individual gets along fine. Make everyone aware ahead of time that finding compromise should be a priority, so take votes on where to go and what to do if you find that the group can’t agree. Not everyone can have their wishes granted at all times, but there are ways to maintain balance and fairness. If tensions rise as a result of a disagreement, remind everyone that the purpose of your trip is to enjoy each other’s company.