Useful Dissertation Life Hacks

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Formal education is critical to human development in the 21st Century. It allows people to acquire the knowledge required to thrive in the modern world. As such, the educational system has been designed to expose students to knowledge of varying degrees of complexity gradually. As a result, a student mostly goes through the following stages.

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • College/university

At each stage, the student’s performance is assessed before they can proceed to the next step. A dissertation is one of the tools used to ensure a student in a college or university has grasped the material and instruction they have received over the years.

Writing your dissertation can be challenging. Luckily for you, there are several tips you can follow to make the experience easier. Below are helpful dissertation life hacks you should be mindful of.

– Develop a Daily Routine

Once a time to write a dissertation comes, you may want to have a daily routine. Doing this will allow you to concentrate on your research while making time for other critical aspects of your everyday life. Create a set routine and mark the times of day you will dedicate strictly to dissertation writing. This way, you will be able to stick to your schedule and complete this lengthy and demanding task in due time.

– Avoid Distraction

For you to focus on your work, you must avoid outside disturbances. A good way of avoiding any distractions is to find a quiet working spot. You may want to consider working in the library, coworking space, or even a quiet café – choose the spot that distracts you the least.


Writing a dissertation is a somewhat creative process that requires time, research,  and dedication. Many students find that they write better when they are in a location that inspires them. If your curriculum allows it, you can research the best state for students and take a local trip that will inspire your work.

– Develop an Outline

Before you begin writing, you must have a roadmap to follow. In this case, your roadmap is your outline. Therefore, you will want to develop a functional outline that captures the essence of your upcoming work.

Creating an outline involves writing out chapters, headings, and subheadings, which makes the research and dissertation writing process consecutive and efficient. This way, you are better able to present your thoughts in an organized manner.

Many students have trouble writing a dissertation outline, despite the task’s seeming straightforwardness. LetsGradeIt can help a struggling student with a professionally-written outline. A good outline is a perfect guide that will make writing the rest of your dissertation easy and stress-free.

– Develop Structured Sentences and Paragraphs

Having an outline is quite helpful. However, the information between these headings and subheadings is the most important. Therefore, you must ensure you develop structured sentences and paragraphs that make sense to the reader.


You can achieve a structure in your dissertation by presenting and discussing each point within a single paragraph. Likewise, you will want to avoid writing in a passive voice if you intend to keep your audience’s attention.

You cannot take care of all these issues during your first draft. Therefore, you may want to examine your work before submitting it carefully. It is also good to use writing tools when editing your thesis.

– Manage Time

While writing your dissertation, you are usually given a timeframe to complete your work. So, you must ensure you prepare the thesis within the stipulated time to avoid being penalized. The best way to achieve this is to manage your time by making a plan. In addition, a plan will allow you to track your progress while you are working.

There are several project management tools to make your work easier. Such applications can help you effectively plan and manage each task.

In Conclusion

Writing your dissertation does not have to be challenging. There are several hacks, approaches, and tools you can leverage to ease your work. You will want to have a daily routine to streamline your work. Try avoiding distraction by working in a conducive environment. Likewise, create an outline you can use to perform research and create content. Organize your work by structuring your sentences and paragraphs. Finally, you will want to be smart with manage your time. Taking our advice and dissertation writing will be a piece of cake for you.