Water Filter Replacement: How to Do It Right

Are you noticing a weird taste in the filtered water that comes out of your refrigerator? Have you never changed or even thought about changing the water filter?

It might be time for you to make this a consistent part of your bi-yearly schedule. If you wish to get the benefits of drinking purified water, then you will need to ensure that your water filter replacement takes place regularly, and without delay. Drinking unfiltered water could make you and your loved ones sick.

In this article below, we give you some helpful water filter replacement tips and guide you on how to replace your water filter without a fuss and in a matter of minutes.

Find Where Your Water Filter Is Located

Every refrigerator brand is built differently and will have its water filtration system located in a different spot. For some, it could be on one side of the top fridge compartment. Or it could be behind the trim plate between the bottom of the fridge door and the floor.

If you still have your refrigerator’s manual, then whip out that rarely seen document and start reading through it to figure out where your refrigerator’s filter is. It’s also a good idea to read through your manual to figure out any particularities about your refrigerator water filtration system.

This might take a little bit more time than you anticipated, but it’s only necessary the first time you replace the water filter. The next time around, you will be able to skip this step as you will know exactly where your water filter is located in your refrigerator.

Remove the Filter Cover

Some refrigerators have a cover for their water filtration system. And others do not.

Again, the owner’s manual that came with your refrigerator can give you more details on this, but it should be pretty intuitive. They would either twist off or have an eject button you need to press.

Don’t use more force than necessary with the filter cover – you don’t want to break it in your exuberance to open it.

Remove the Old Spent Filter

The old used filter will have to be removed before you can install the new one. This again depends on your refrigerator brand and how they have set things up.

In some models, you will need to swing the old cartridge from its slot first. And then you can pull it straight out or twist it counterclockwise and then pull it out. The manual that your refrigerator came with would have details on how you can do this safely.

If you threw the manual out or can’t find it anymore, you can go online to search for the manual for your particular refrigerator model. They usually have them on the manufacturer’s website or other consumer websites.

You could even contact the manufacturer directly and ask them to send you a replacement guide. Perhaps through email would be better, so you can always have it on hand and never misplace it.

Install the New Filter into Your Refrigerator

Hopefully, you have already purchased a replacement water filter cartridge for your refrigerator. If you haven’t, then check out Discount Filters for affordable water filter cartridges.

The water filter you purchase will be specific to the refrigerator model and brand that you own. It’s better to purchase the ones meant for your refrigerator rather than generic ones, but it depends again on your refrigerator and what they say would fit.

Check out the box that the new water filter came in. They should have details on how to install the water filter and other tips on how to ensure you improve the life span of your water filtration system.

If these are details you have never paid attention to before, it’s time you changed that attitude. Your family will probably end up drinking hundreds of gallons of water from your refrigerator’s water filtration system, and you will want to ensure that the water is filtered properly.

Make sure that the water filter is locked in place. It shouldn’t be removed easily, except by twisting or tugging at it. That’s how you know that it’s in its proper place.

Flush Out Your Water Line and Filter

Once you have your new filter cartridge in place, you will need to flush out your water line. This will ensure that all air and contaminants from your water line are removed. About 2 gallons of water should do it.

You can use this water to feed your thirsty plants or to wash your car if you wish to be environmentally friendly or if you live in a drought-stricken state.

Some refrigerator filters have a red light indicator that tells you when the water filter needs to be replaced. Once you replace the filter, you will need to reset this light, so it indicates correctly when you need to change your water filter again.

Depending on usage, a water filter should last about 6 months. If you have a bigger family or you use filtered water to cook your meals as well, then you might run out sooner. Keep an eye on the indicator light and when it turns red, you know that you need to go through the steps above again.

Water Filter Replacement Is an Easy Chore Once Learned

If you have never performed a water filter replacement before, there’s no need to worry. It’s as easy a chore as it comes. In fact, with each upgraded model, refrigerator manufacturers make it simpler to take out an old water filter cartridge and replace it with a new one.

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Written by Jayden Woods

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