What are Cause of Belly Fat? This Will Surprise You!

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cause of belly fat
You’ve done bunch of regular exercise everyday and some sit ups, but you still have fat belly. Something not right. Don’t worry, this problem also experienced by many people as they don’t know what is the actual cause of their belly fat!
A distended stomach is a big problem for everyone, both men and women. It not only makes you look unattractive, it is difficult to find the size of your pants and clothes, but it can also cause health problems.
It is somewhat understandable that those who are older experience enlargement of the stomach, but not a few young people today have had a distended stomach. What do you think cause belly fat?

1. Stress

Problems at work, school, home, and the environment can make a person stressful. Because mental health has recently begun to be increasingly echoed, it is important for us to maintain mental health, one of which is not stressed.
Or if this is not possible, at least it can minimize the occurrence of prolonged severe stress. Not only can stress burden the mind, stress can also have an impact on the health of the body. When someone experiences stress, the body will produce the hormone cortisol. The cortisol hormone can make fat increase even more. This continuous increase in fat can make your waistline increase too.

2. Ageing

One of the factors that causes a person to develop a distended abdomen is due to old age. The older a person gets, the more likely that person will experience obesity.
This is a natural factor that will be hard to resist. So, those of you who feel old are immediately insecure because this is indeed a natural thing. When a person gets older, their muscle mass will decrease.
This muscle plays a big role in fighting fat. When muscle is reduced, metabolism will also decrease. Causes calorie burn to be not optimal. The more calories that are not burned, the more it will be stored as fat in the stomach. To outsmart it can be diligent in exercising.

3. Hereditary

Try occasionally you observe your family tree. Does any of your family have a fat belly?
If there are many, it could be because your family has a genetic factor to become distended. So it’s not just a disease that can be hereditary, but the same is true for a fat belly. The involvement of genetic factors that cause this belly fat has long been observed by researchers.
They experts believe that genes from parents can influence behavior, body shape, metabolism, and also some health problems. This includes a distended stomach. But there is still a chance to fight genetic factors.

4. Alcohol

Don’t be surprised if people who drink alcoholic or alcoholic drinks have a big belly. That’s because alcohol can indeed cause a fat belly. Although alcoholic drinks can be relaxing for some people, it cannot be forgotten that this one drink contains high sugar and calories.
In comparison, one glass of beer can contain 150 calories. This is the equivalent of 7 biscuits. Already large calories, contain sugar too. The perfect combination for creating a pot belly. One exercise is only how many calories you burn. Meanwhile, you can drink beer glasses.

5. Excessive Consumption of Sweet Food

Sweet food is very tempting. No one can refuse sweet food. Not only tastes good, sweet foods also have colors and shapes that can make saliva drip. Even though they are aware that it is not healthy to eat too much sweet food, people still don’t care.
By health experts, we can only consume about 50 grams of sugar or about 1/4 tablespoon per day. If you exceed the limit, it is very likely that the person will gain weight. Gaining weight can also have an impact on a bigger stomach, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

6. Eating Irregularly

Before blaming bad genes, try introspection. What do you think you have done so that your stomach can become bloated. It is not always a genetic fault, a distended stomach can be formed not because overnight, a distended stomach can occur because of bad habits that we often do every day. One of them is by eating irregularly. Try to see if you guys follow the proper meal times or not.
Disruption of eating hours can not only cause a distended stomach, but also health problems such as ulcers. Ulcer occurs because the stomach produces a lot of acid gas. Because the stomach is empty and the stomach continues to produce acid, the stomach walls will be eroded and cause excruciating pain. In addition, withholding hunger for a long time and immediately eating large portions of food continuously, the stomach will be even more distended.

7. Lack of Exercise

And this is one of the reasons why the stomach can become distended, namely laziness to move or exercise. Especially if you like to eat, coupled with lazy exercise can actually increase your waist circumference.
People who follow a healthy diet still need to exercise to stay physically awake, especially those who eat a lot. By exercising, the sugar and fat in the body will burn. The more routine you exercise, the more difficult it will be for you to have a distended stomach. If those who are already distended, not only have to be diligent in exercising but also begin to limit food that is not needed. The bloat disappeared, the appearance became more attractive, the level of self-confidence also increased.

8. Lack of rest

Lack of rest time is also a big contributor to the formation of a distended stomach. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep a night. The hours of sleep are lacking, so in the morning the body will feel weak, sore, and the mood is damaged. The cliché reason for people who are sleep deprived is because they have to do work or school assignments.
When a person forces his body to stay awake at night, the body still has to be given food to keep working. The longer you sleep, the body still has to work, and you still have to supply it with food. After work is done, then you guys go to sleep. Before sleeping, the body should not consume too much food. During sleep, the body’s metabolism will slow down and make all the calories that enter does not burn completely. If this is done continuously, then don’t be surprised if your stomach gets bigger.

9. Lack of Water Consumption

Lack of drinking water can cause dehydration, reduced concentration, difficulty defecating, and so on. It turns out that there is one more problem that comes from not drinking enough water. That problem is a distended stomach. How is it possible that not drinking enough water can result in a bloated stomach?
When the body loses fluids or is dehydrated, it is possible that a person will feel hungry because the brain mistakenly processes thirst signals for hunger. As a result, people will look for food rather than drinking water. This hunger can make people forget to control the amount of food that enters the body resulting in weight gain,

10. Fast Food

Apart from sweet foods, fast food is also a favorite of many people. In addition to its delicious taste, its fast presentation makes people not have to wait long to eat it. People who have busy hours such as office people and college kids quite often consume fast food. Compared to normal food, fast food is mostly processed by frying it.
Fried foods will contain a lot of saturated fat. Coupled with the large calories, body weight will increase quickly. Generally a person needs 2500 calories per day. Fast food take for example a hamburger, it can contain 1000-2000 calories in one burger. Not yet added chili sauce, French fries, and soft drinks.