What You Suppose to Do If Your Phone Falls into Water?

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What to do if phone falls in water

Have this situation ever happened to you, when your beloved cellphone accidentally gets hit by water or gets soaked? Do you know what to do if your phone falls in water?

There are many possibilities that this could happen. Maybe you accidentally dropped it in the bathtub when the smartphone was brought into the bathroom. Or during a flood, you have been very careful with your favourite smartphone, but you have slipped until the phone falls in a puddle of water.

Now, if this happens, many people usually panic and take the wrong steps.

If these events happen, don’t be panic! There is a possibility, your favorite cellphone can be saved. For that, just follow the 8 tips below on what to do if your phone falls in water!

1. Do Not Turn on The Cellphone Immediately

Your phone splashes or falls in water, don’t let it turn on right away. This is because when your phone falls in water, usually the water will immediately spread and be absorbed into all components.


If you turn it on right away, it will be prone to short circuit. Therefore, if you can, you can immediately dry it if you drop it to the water.

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2. Save the LCD and Battery

what to do if phone falls in water
Image: WikiHow

One step that is no less important when a phone falls in water is to ensure that the LCD is dry first. You must clean the LCD first.

This part is usually vulnerable to damage after being exposed to water. This is because the LCD contains soft filaments and is not resistant to moisture. If you leave it wet for too long, black spots can appear on the HP LCD screen.

Besides the LCD, save the battery too. This might apply to cellphones with removable batteries. If not, you may be able to fan dry it. Remember, do not dry with a blow dryer too long and too hot. Because it can damage the components in it.

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3. Do Not Press Any Buttons

Actually this is still related to the points above. If your cellphone is exposed to water, when it is turned on, don’t immediately push the button.


We understand that maybe you want to make sure that your smartphone is okay. But, what is there you will actually damage. The reason is that the water could even get deeper if the buttons are pressed.

4. Do Not Dry in Direct Sun

Even if your phone falls in water or wet and you have to dry it, you should not dry it in direct sun. Because this is considered to be able to damage the components in it.

Besides, if you dry it in the sun, what will be lost will be lost. So, besides being damaged, it can make it disappear.

5. Don’t Shake It

Take your smartphone, but don’t shake it. We understand, maybe you want the water on your smartphone to disappear. But, just wipe it with a dry cloth or towel.

If you shake it, the water will even get deeper into the hardware. You definitely have to avoid that.


6. Do Not Dry With a Hair Dryer

Do not use hair dryer on wet phone
Image: WikiHow

There are many ways to dry a smartphone. But, many are wrong way. It was mentioned earlier that you don’t immediately hang out in the sun. So, what should I do? Can you use a hair dryer?

The answer is no! Drying a smartphone using a hair dryer can increase the risk of damage to important smartphone components. The reason is, the heat produced by a hair dryer can make the electrical components in the smartphone quickly rise in temperature.

7. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum phone if phone falls in water
Image: WikiHow

In the previous point, we forbid you to dry your phone falls in water using a hair dryer. However, we do not prohibit you from removing water using a vacuum cleaner!

Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove water from your cellphone. It’s just that, don’t use a large vacuum cleaner that is usually used to clean the house! Just use a vacuum cleaner that is commonly used to clean dust on a cellphone, aka a USB vacuum cleaner.

8. Soak in Rice

Use rice to dry when phone falls in water
Image: WikiHow

One of the most effective methods is by soaking it in rice. By soaking the rice, there will be heat which can dry out the phone immediately.


9. Use Silica Gel

Not only rice, you can also use silica gel to dry your phone falls in water. Silica gel is indeed capable of horrifying devices by absorbing moisture.

In addition, especially for electronic devices, silica gel is believed to be able to prevent condensation, aka condensation.

10. Wait One to Two Days

Earlier in the first point it was mentioned if your cellphone was hit by water or splashed, you don’t immediately turn it on. We know that maybe you want to use it right away, whether maybe you have a need with someone.

But, what is certain is that the smartphone must be left alone for one to two days first. First make sure it is safe and dry.

Bottom Line

To summarize, how do you dry a cellphone that has been submerged in water? Make sure your cellphone is off. Then, just put your cellphone in the silica gel pile. Let stand for two to three days. Before turning it on, make sure your cellphone isn’t wet anymore.


So, those are the ways to do it when a cellphone enters water, especially during a flood. Currently, your cellphone already has a waterproof feature or not?